PICO Neighborhood Council


Region: Central Area

PICO NC’s Vision includes the following Four Elements:
The PICO NC will empower and support our residents, neighborhood associations, businesses, schools and nonprofit organizations (those groups that directly affect our residents);
The PICO NC will keep our residents informed about City events and issues which affect them;
The PICO NC will work directly, and through other organizations, to improve our neighborhood in areas that affect the livability and well-being of our area, with a particular focus on the following: beautification efforts, school support, traffic reduction and monitoring, safety issues, and issues affecting our senior citizens; and
The PICO NC will serve as effective Advocates for our neighborhood by monitoring the activities of, and communicating and working with, appropriate agencies, departments and elected officials of the City, and by effectively addressing the needs, concerns and aspirations identified by our community.

Executive Officers

Board Members

PLU Committee Members

Meeting: 2nd Wednesday, 6:30pm
Meeting Address:
Meeting Virtually via Zoom

Mailing Address:
Not Available
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Field Rep:
Dina Andrews

Funding Rep:
Elynn Liu