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Open Board Seats 2014 – Porter Ranch NC
At-Large Representatives
Term: 4 years
5 Elected Stakeholders who live, work, or own property in the neighborhood who are 16 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work or own property and declare a stake in the PRNC and affirm the community interest for it and who are 16 years or older.
Maha Spiridon Batta
Ed Parada – I am a certified community association manager, real estate broker and property manager in Porter Ranch. Between 2003 and 2011 I had the privilege and honor of serving on the Board of Directors at a gated community/HOA known as The Heights at Porter Ranch. I served as member, secretary, president and treasurer. The experience was not only altruistic, but it was genuinely rewarding and fulfilling. Currently I am the community manager and webmaster for that HOA and, because of my roles mentioned above, I am familiar with various community governance matters and I am also familiar with supporting and participating in volunteer organizations. I hope to apply my experience and talents to a larger Porter Ranch audience and I look forward to the support of my neighbors in The Heights at Porter Ranch and support of all my neighbors in the Porter Ranch community.
Jesse M Garcia
Cindy Wu Freedman – Hello, my name is Cindy Wu Freedman and I am running for the position of Member-at-Large Director. I am a native to the San Fernando Valley. I values the importance of community-based businesses and believe in utilizing local citizens to build and grow Porter Ranch economy. I have held various board positions within community based organizations. Previously, I served as President of a non-profit organization based in the valley. I am a graduate of USC and UCLA in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship. I will employ my vast business skills and entrepreneurial training to support the Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council. I am dedicated to the success of the board. I am married to my husband Jason, and have two dogs. I am a past business consultant and currently practicing as a real estate advisor. I kindly ask for your vote, VOTE FOR: WU FREEDMAN
Dave Anton – I have a long history of serving our community, since buying a home in the Heights in 1997. I am a past President of both the Renaissance HOA and the Heights HOA. In that capacity, I have been an advocate of balancing the needs of our community with the on-going development of the Porter Ranch Master Plan. I believe the next four years will be a pivotal time for all Porter Ranch stakeholders, as we welcome Toll Brothers as our new residential partner. It will also be critical as to how we develop the Commercial side of our our community to allow for the highest possible quality of life. I also believe that our new school offers us a great opportunity for our children and future residents.If elected, I pledge to do my best to help make Porter Ranch the best Neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Matt Wildstein – Change is coming! I have lived in Porter Ranch for the past 40 years. I attended Granada Hills High and graduated Magna Cum Laude from CSUN. I earned a Bachelors of Science, Business Administration Degree with an option in Marketing. My business acumen along with my marketing prowess allows me to help promote the PRNC and add value to the vacant position. I am the previous owner of the Porter Ranch Creamery -Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream. I was heavily involved as a business owner in the community. My wife and I are the proud parents of three girls under the age of 5. I am extremely concerned about the school systems in Porter Ranch along with the potential overcrowding of our community due to new housing developments. I am confident that my hard work ethic and flexible nature enables me to be receptive to all your suggestions and concerns.

Eric Nam – I love Porter Ranch. I love the parks, the shopping, the homes, the schools. I love that I’m raising my children here. But I realize these things demand consistent care not only for preservation but for growth. I’ve had the privilege of working with PRNC and Mr. Englander’s office on a project concerning our community: resolving a serious traffic problem on one of our major roads. Through this I’ve realized a passion for taking care of our neighborhood and see many things to tend to: the Shapell-Toll Brothers changeover, fire safety, support for our schools, and more. I am confident that my experience as a Realtor, my energy as a stakeholder, my passion as a family man, and my capabilities to connect with neighbors, especially Korean-Americans, will allow me to make effective contributions to the board and community. If given a chance to serve I would be humbled and honored.

Cheri Derohanian – My name is Cheri Derohanian and I love Porter Ranch. As a native Southern Californian, I have lived in the San Fernando Valley for 35 years including residing in Porter Ranch for the past 10 years. I attended Los Angeles Valley College and CSUN with a business-finance major. I work full time as a claim adjuster for a major insurance company. My husband and I have twin daughters at Castlebay Lane Affiliated Charter Elementary. My experience holding various offices in the San Fernando Valley Mothers of Multioples Club, and the Van Nuys Sons of Norway Norrona Lodge #50, has brought me greater appreciation for community and a sense of caring about where and how we live our lives. My goal is to become an active participant in the Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council to preserve our community of Porter Ranch, the gem of the valley. Vote for Cheri Derohanian on March 1st.

Richard K Rippey – My name is Richard “Dick” Rippey and I have served on the PRNC for the last 4 years. At the present time I am serving as Vice President, I have been lucky enough to be the Chair of two important committees. I have served as Chairman of the committee to rename Porter Ranch from Northridge and get from the City the appropriate blue Porter Ranch Signs. This took a team effort of the whole PRNC Board but I was proud to be the chairman.The second committee I chaired was the 2012 election committee. Through this committee the elections of 2012 was the largest candidate field and stakeholder turn out for PRNC and it more than doubled the numbers of any of the PRNC elections.I would like to continue to be a Board Member for the PRNC, and continue to support the Board and the Stakeholders of Porter Ranch.
Irwin Philip Cohen – I have lived in my home in Porter Ranch since I bought my house there in Oct. 1965. I have raised my family in Porter Ranch and have long term goals to help develop my community. I can accomplish these goals by running for and being elected to the PRNC Board of Directors.
Alan Cohen – I have lived in Porter Ranch for 11 years and care about maintaining the safety and beauty of my community. For the past 6 years, I have been an active member of the Sorrento HOA, having served on the Architecture/Landscape, Election, and Finance Committees. I am currently a member of the Board of Directors, serving in the position of Treasurer. In this capacity, I strive to foster a spirit of collaboration, cooperation, and mutual respect for the members of the Board and our homeowners.If elected, I will work with the PRNC members to focus on issues important to our community, including traffic safety, fostering a good working relationship with Toll Brothers, and commercial development of property near our Town Center. I want to ensure that Porter Ranch continues to be a desirable place to live and work.
Jason Hector – I am interested in giving some of my time and talent to help improve Porter Ranch. As a real estate broker and small business owner, I can bring my talents to the neighborhood council and help spearhead new or already successful initiatives which promote community involvement and neighborhood improvements. Past community involvement activities included being a grant writer for MEND food bank. Also I was on several local real estate board committees including Housing for 2 years, education, And Young Real Estate Professionals Charitable events subcommittee chair. Currently I am not serving on any other committees so I can devote time to serving Porter Ranch. I look forward to working with the current council members and the city council rep Mr. Englanders office to keep Porter Ranch great.
David Duran – I am a thirteen year resident of Porter Ranch, serving on the Villagio HOA for 4 years as Vice President before moving to The Renaissance in 2005.
My wife and I have 4 children and have long supported Castlebay Elementary and for the last two years Porter Ranch Community School, where our 3 oldest attend.If elected I would work with my other board members, city councilman, Toll Brothers and our 2 schools to maintain the beauty, safety and lifestyle that our wonderful neighborhood affords us.I manage 14 states as the Western Regional Sales Director for a Wine & Spirits company.Thank you for your time and I look forward to your support.
Bright A Aregs – My name is Dr. Bright Abraham Aregs. I have served on PRNC Board for about 8 years. I am currently serving as the Chairman of PRNC land use committee and also as DONE Liaisons: Planning, PRNC representative to Department of City Planning Zoning Advocate Committee.I would like to continue to work to maintain and exceed the quality of life currently enjoyed in Porter Ranch, and the ongoing Land Use Committee effort to make sure that the oil franking project proposal for Aliso Canyon is safe and equitable to the community.
Armando Nunez II – I am a proud husband, father and public servant. I have been serving the City of Los Angeles as a police officer since 2006. I care for the Porter Ranch community through my volunteer work at Shepherd Church. As an actively engaged community member, I worked as a campaign volunteer for the current Mayor and have provided volunteer support to his administration since the election. I have served as a Board Member of my union and have worked on our Contract Negotiations Team. I possess a B.A. in Economics from U.C. San Diego. The Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council will be facing many diverse issues regarding development, public safety, and the municipal budgetary process. I have developed relationships, and a specific skill set to address these issues and face these challenges. I am asking you to please vote for me Armando Nunez II for the Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council.
Sanaz Aminian – As a student in UCLA I move to the area and promised myself to buy a house in Porter Ranch one day. Now as a homeowner it is time to give back.
Alex Kim – I have been a proud resident of Porter Ranch since 1988 and raised two children here. I believe that through community based solutions and encouraging civic engagement, anything is possible.While my first child attended Granada Hills H.S. in 1994, I initiated a movement to engage hundreds of Asian American parents to alleviate youth gang problems plaguing the school. I brought together resources from non-profits, the city, the school, and parents to encourage change from within the school. For this work, Mayor Richard Riodan awarded me the City’s Apple Award for promoting learning excellence.If elected, I will:
be responsive to the voices of parents in our public school
bring attention to issues relevant to seniors
encourage the younger generation of residents to take ownership of our communityPlease consider me as a candidate who will work tirelessly for our community’s best interest.
Mel Mitchell – I have been a member of the Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council Board since its start in 2003 and I am very proud of its accomplishments: Helped build the Porter Ranch Community School, organized community cleanups, planted trees, donated computers to Castlebay Lane, held local forums and took public positions on public safety, traffic, new developments, donated to the local Public Safety organizations, contributed to the YMCA and more….I am running for re-election to the PRNC Board to continue actively working for Porter Ranch. I hope that you will vote for my re-election on Saturday, March 1, 2014. I am eager to hear from you. So please send me an email with your questions and thoughts: Thanks for your support,
Anthony Park – My name is Anthony Park and I have lived in Porter Ranch for over 20 years. I have many fond memories here. My wife and I have raised our two beautiful daughters here who both attended Castlebay Lane Elementary School. Since then, my oldest daughter got married and my youngest is working for a food science company.What I enjoy most about living in Porter Ranch are its people and community. I love my neighbors, the great schools, the shopping centers and the comfort of knowing that this is a safe community to raise families. There is no place I rather live than right here at Porter Ranch. This is a city that has given so many opportunities and wonderful memories. I would like to give back to this great community by serving as a board member for the PRNC.
Cindy Kyunghee Lee – I have lived in SF Valley for over 34 years, and have been working as a realtor for the past 12 years serving the SF Valley as vice president of New Star Realty. My experience has lead me to the appointment as president at the Korean Realtor’s Association in the SF Valley in 2010. I am also an active member of In-Christ Community Church in Northridge.There are many church members residing in the Northridge area. It is disheartening to witness the struggle and helplessness many endure stemming from community conflict where they lack the information and resources to find help. Using my knowledge and experience, I would like to act as a channel in providing information, locating the necessary help, and creating collaborative solutions. My goal is to utilize my talents and experience in building a better connected community.
Ashiley Lee – My name is Ashiley Lee and I am currently a junior in high school. As a youth living in Porter Ranch, I have enjoyed all that my community has given to me. Safe dog walks to Holleigh Bernson Memorial Park and to Porter Ridge Park, Castlebay Elementary School providing prime education for my younger sister, Porter Ranch Library giving me a calm environment for study, and more. My family eats, lives, and breaths Porter Ranch and whatever I can do, as a youth voice, to contribute back to my community is of prime importance to me.Currently, I am the LA-HRC City Youth Ambassador for District 12, our Porter Ranch. I am also an intern for Congressman Brad Sherman of the 30th Congressional District, which covers part of our community. I have and always will have a strong passion towards continuing and improving the beauty and legacy of Porter Ranch.
Francisca O. Barros – Porter Ranch community members, I want to thank you for the opportunity to present myself as a prospective candidate with PRNC. My name is Francisca Barros and I have lived in Porter Ranch for the past five years. I have a degree from SUNY, College at Brockport, in Social Science of Criminal Justice. After college I worked as Adjunct Professor for Rochester Institute of Technology. Currently, I am a small business owner. In addition to volunteer at Porter Ranch Community School, as the website designer for the eighth grade, and also I am an active member in the yearbook committee at PRCS. If elected, I plan to work diligently in partnership with other borders members, and make Porter Ranch a safer and a better place to live.
J Francisco Ayala – Having my family residing in Porter Ranch motivates me to invest the additional time and effort into making sure our city continues to be a shining jewel of the San Fernando Valley.I am blessed with having a profession that allows me to work with hundreds of families in our community. As Principal at Robert Frost Middle School, which covers most of the currently developed Porter Ranch area, I have the fortune to stay connected with Porter Ranch families in a personal and professional way. Best of luck to everyone running for positions as I rest assured that all of us have the same goal in mind… The betterment of Porter Ranch.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

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