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Open Board Seats 2012 – Porter Ranch NC

At-Large Representatives
Term: 4 years
4 Elected Stakeholders who live, work, or own property in the neighborhood who are 16 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, own property and those who declare a stake in the PRNC area and affirm a factual basis for it and who are 16 years or older.

Susan Hammarlund

Hello, my name is Susan Hammarlund and I am running for re-election to thePorter Ranch Neighborhood Council. I am a retired teacher and my interest is in working with our two schools in the area and helping them to meet their needs.

I am also interested in helping the community prepare for any disasters that might happened. I have been an active Red Cross volunteer for over 15 years and have been sent on many disaster relief operations locally and nationally.
In addition I believe it is very important to work with our LA City Council in order to improve traffic in the Porter Ranchneighborhood.

Patrick Pope

I am running for re-election to the PRNC because I believe we all have a duty to serve our community.

Most of my PRNC participation has been with Public Safety. I volunteer with LAPD and with LAFD CERT.

I believe my interaction with LAFD has helped our community.

• My actions inspired the Fire Chief to meet with us twice about the LAFD budget impact on our area.
• Worked to get a full-time ambulance restored at Station 28.
• Working now to bring faster LAFD/LAPD entry to our gated communities.
• Worked with LAFD, LAPD, Wal-Mart and Shapell to increase security in the Town Center after the pepper-spray incident.
• Worked with Councilman Englander to ban trailer signs.
• PRNC Secretary

We need a more vibrant Town Center with more restaurants. We need a paramedic ambulance. We need to reduce car break-ins.

Armando Nunez II

Porter Ranch is an emerging community with great resources and promising potential. I am blessed to call it home for my wife and our two small children. As a police officer, I have the privilege to serve the community I call home. I also contribute to our community through my support and involvement with Shepherd of the Hills, which as you know actively engages in serving the public.

As your PRNC representative, I will be committed to preserving and improving the quality of life in Porter Ranch. Although, this city is currently experiencing fiscal challenges, I will work to preserve public safety services. Because the PRNC is our collective community voice to the city and business industries, I will strive to maintain funding for PRNC. Vote for me and together we will make Porter Ranch even better!

Becky Leveque

I was born in L.A. and have lived in Porter Ranch since 1979.My philosophy is to work hard in our community to preserve,develop and make it the best it can possibly be.

My husband,David,and I, along with our 3 children, Chris, Tim and Michael, credit our community experiences for enriching and shaping their lives and that of their families. “Good communities build good families.”

I am especially proud of the role I played in the creation and development of the Porter Ranch Community School which opens on August 14,2012. This school assures the fulfillment of dreams for future generations.

Please re-elect me, a board member and former president, so I can continue to reach out to groups in the community, LAPD, LAFD, schools and Northridge Little League to secure a Porter Ranch that we can continue to take pride in.
I love Porter Ranch!

Alba Monroy

I am a successful local business owner. My company manages communities in Porter Ranch and surrounding areas. I am involved in various efforts and undertakings to improve our community. I serve as a member and committee chairperson of CAI, an organization dedicated to the education and betterment of communities.

Neighborhood Councils provide owners with a “voice” to address important and relevant issues in the community. The right representation is crucial to relay those needs to City representatives.

I am running for election as I believe I understand the community’s needs and will relay those concerns on your behalf. My focus will be on education, improvement and public safety. With my experience, I will work diligently to achieve those goals.

I believe that my experience will add substantial value to the PRNC and will allow Porter Ranch to become an even more desirable place to work and live.

Sean O’Rourke

As a CSUN graduate with close family in Porter Ranch, I’ve been witness to the transformation of this neighborhood for 15 years. It’s the amazing qualities of this community that convinced me to raise my family here.

I want to represent the young families that are raising children here. I feel strongly that the needs of young families are different than those without children or are retired.

My passions if elected:
-Balance the needs of both schools.
-Expand and maintain our recreational facilities.
-Keep our children safe.

Professionally, I am the Research Coordinator for “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” My wife Stacy is a 5th grade teacher and I have a soon to be kindergartner Eoin.

Please consider me as a candidate that will be committed to empowering all of us to make a stronger and closer community.

For more follow me on Twitter @ORourkePRNC or

Phillip Minton

Hi, I’m Phillip Minton—Your neighbor in the greater community of Porter Ranch. Many of us can attest to Porter Ranch as a thriving and changing community and have witnessed the transformation of the North-end of the Valley. For those new to the community—Bienvendidos!

With all of the spectacular home and business construction initiated by S&S Industries, our community is poised to become the crown-jewel of the Valley. I believe what is missing are a few fundamental items—A world class restaurant, hiking & biking trials in our interior and a dog park.

I have served as past Presidents to HOA’s and am a successful business man and father of three. By trait I am engineering with advanced degrees/certifications in finance (MBA), quality assurance & reliability and Lean Six Sigma.

I am not a career wanna-be politician seeking re-election. If elected, I will reduce expenditures while improving services.

Calvin Abbasi

A few facts about me:

Porter Ranch resident since 2004

Philosophy, Law, and Economics – USC
Executive Director/President: Students for Obama – California
Founder/Operations Director: uFish – job training and employment non-profit program
Presidential Delegate – DNC 2012
Executive Board Member: San Fernando Valley Young Democrats

Items of importance in our community I will dedicate my service to:

Safety around our schools, shopping centers, and Church through increased neighborhood watches and involvement with local LAPD
Practicing fiscal responsibility while using our resources to invest in neighborhood empowerment (cleanliness, safety measures, education)

Providing a voice of reason and conviction to Councilman Englander and the City Council so that Porter Ranch citizens are adequately represented.

Active civic engagement is what sustains and strengthens democracies. It’s the reason Neighborhood Councils are important. And I would be honored to represent my family, friends, and neighbors on our Neighborhood Council.

Thank you for your support.

Youth Representative
Term: 4 years
1 Elected Stakeholder between 16 and under 18 years of age at the time of the election Stakeholders who live, work, own property and those who declare a stake in the PRNC area and affirm a factual basis for it and who are 16 years or older.

Ethan Turer

Hello, my name is Ethan Turer and I would be honored to serve as your Youth Representative. As a teenager residing in the NW San Fernando Valley, I support the local businesses in Porter Ranch and enjoy its beautiful parks and recreational areas. Also, as a member of the North Valley YMCA, I frequently attend classes here.

Moreover, my community service reaches the entire valley through my active participation in Temple Ahavat Shalom’s “Sundays of Service” events. As an example, my temple partnered with PRNC for CD12’s 6th Annual Citrus Sunday event in May 2011, offering its site as PRNC’s dropoff location.

Finally, I am deeply committed to maintaining and improving the positive welfare of Porter Ranch and its stakeholders as it continues to flourish within our community. Please vote for me and together we will make Porter Ranch one of the best places to live in California. Thank you!

Open At-Large Representative
Term: 4 years
1 Elected Stakeholders who live, work, own property and those who declare a stake in PRNC and affirm a factual basis for it and who are 16 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, own property and those who declare a stake in the PRNC area and affirm a factual basis for it and who are 16 years or older.

Paula Cracium

Paula Cracium is honored to serve on the board of the Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council — presently as Vice President — and considers community activism both a responsibility and a privilege.

Paula explains, “Neighborhood Councils bring the city right to our front door and give the people a chance to be heard and have an impact on what matters most to them.

“As one of the founding members, I have worked with the council to fund needed supplies for our local schools, vital equipment for our police and firefighters, and improvements for our parks. We also championed efforts for Porter RanchCommunity School that opens this fall.”

Paula is privileged to work as the Director of Development for Shepherd of the Hills Church where she coordinates the church’s development, community relations and special community events such as the annual 4th of July Spectacular and Shepherd’s Red Cross shelters when needed.


Shepherd of the Hills Church
19700 Rinaldi Street
Porter Ranch, CA 91326

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