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Open Board Seats 2012 – Reseda NC

Residential Stakeholder
Term: 4 Years for highest vote
Term: 2 Years for second, third and
fourth highest vote getters
4 Elected Stakeholders who live within the RNC boundaries and who are at least 18 years of age or older. Stakeholders who live, work, own property or declare a stake in the neighborhood and affirm the factual basis for it and who are at least 18 years of age or older.

Mary Unto

It is with great honor to have this opportunity to contribute time, talent, and to work with the Reseda Neighborhood Council. I have been a long-time resident and a great supporter in what they are pursuing to accomplish. If elected, I hope to help the RNC in achieving that goal of continuing to make Reseda a better community than it already is.

Es con gran honor tener esta oportunidad de contribuir con su tiempo, talent y trabajar con la Junta Vecinal de Reseda. He sido un residente de largo plazo y un gran apoyo en lo que ellos estan llevando a cabo para llevar a cabo. Si es elegido, espero ayudar a la Convension Nacional Republicana en el logro de ese objetivo de seguir para hacer una comunidad de Reseda major de lo que ya es.

Hank Truxillo

On January 17, 1994 the Northridge Earthquake, centered in Reseda, struck at 4:31 am.  18 years later, the second worst calamity in the 100-year history of Reseda occurred: the dissolution of the CRA.  In two ways it was worse:  (1) This was a man-made disaster that did not have to happen and (2) no one is coming to help.  Let me repeat that:  the state of California has taken a metaphoric wrecking ball to downtown Reseda and is not bothering to clean up.

If you don’t think it’s bad, take a walk down Sherman way between Etiwanda and Lindley and count the number of empty stores.  The heart of our community is economically in ruins.  Which illuminates the importance of the neighborhood council – we’re all we have left.  Just a few volunteers to remind the state that when you start something, you have to finish it or make it right.

Joe Phillips

I have lived in Reseda for the past eight years. I also utilize Reseda park on a monthly basis as a representative of the Sierra Club.
I work close by in Tarzana as a Certified Recreation Therapist treating individuals with alcohol & drug addictions. After graduating from CSU, Northridge in 1987, I supervised over several
public recreation facilities & their programs. I believe that I have a wealth of experience to offer the neighborhood council & that I can assist Reseda is attaining it’s future goals. It is my goal to make Reseda a better place for many reasons as a NC member or just as a resident/stakeholder.

Ashley Jones

I have lived in Reseda for over two years and would love the opportunity to join the RNC so I can collaborate with others who are also passionate about making Reseda the best it can be.

Victoria Weber

My name is Tori Weber and my family and I recently moved to Reseda. We plan to raise our two little girls here and I would love to the opportunity to help our community thrive for the benefit of all families who choose to make Reseda their home.

Vahan Chaparyan

I live in Reseda and I have been in the Reseda Neighborhood Council for over 3 years. Reseda has a lot of potential hidden and I want to work with the community to bring that potential out and make Reseda the best it can be.

John Mika

I am a retired Electonic Engineer that has served in management positions throughout my career, and have also been Commander for 4 years, and a member of the Reseda American Legion Post 308, for 29 years. Reseda is centrally located in the Valley, and has the potential to be a great community. If elected, I hope to improve conditions in Reseda, bring quality businesses to Reseda, and make it a thriving community once again.

Business Stakeholder
Term: 4 Years for 2 highest vote
Term: 2 Years for 2 lowest vote
4 Elected Stakeholders who work in, own a business, own businesses or residential rental property located within the RNC boundaries and who are at least 18 years of age. Stakeholders who live, work, own property or declare a stake in the neighborhood and affirm the factual basis for it and who are at least 18 years of age or older.

Juan Pablo Guzman

I want to improve Reseda, to make it what it could, and should be.
I have served on the Reseda NC Board for over two years, and have helped in many ways.

Thank you for voting for me again.

Daniel Porter

Our community is full of opportunities. Around every corner, in every member, there stands a promise of hope through a determined goal and effort. As a member of the Reseda Neighborhood Committee, I will work side by side with residents to improve our standard of living and promote an improved Reseda.

Adna Nani Shaked

Occupation: Business owner NSLG Solutions, Reseda California;

Occupational Background: Manager at Deloitte & Touch LLP;  : Senior Business Analyst at Corptax, Inc,
Community Involvement: Reseda Neighborhood Council Board Members;  LAPD West Valley Community Police Advisory Board.
Education Background: IRS Enrolled Agent (EA) Licensed, California State University – Northridge, BA Accounting Theory and Practice.
Optional Information: Having successfully pursued and build a business in Reseda, the reason that I am re-running for Reseda NC is to represent the interest of the business community to the council and help develop business in Reseda.  Without the local business, Reseda will not be prosperous as it could be.

As an accountant and tax professional, my focus is on details and timely delivery through examination of facts, obstacles, and cost effective solutions.

As a member of the Reseda NC, my goal is to improve. It will be an honor to continue representing the community and stakeholders of Reseda – Adna (Nani) Shaked

Aura Estrada

Michael Homayun

I am a business owner in the city of Reseda. I have been a periodontist serving the southern California community for over 20 year. I am passionate about improving the community that I work and live in. My priority is to improve down town Reseda’s buisness community. This will not only improve the business , but also the life style of every one who lives, works, and shops here in Reseda. I believe that Reseda has the potential of becoming one of the great cities in the valley which poeple of all walks of life would be proud to live and work at.

Ashley Alavizadeh

I am a native Texan who migrated to southern California five years ago. I have lived in San Fernando Valley the entire time that I have lived in California. I am a community activist. I am involved with various charity organizations. I am involved in outreach programs with schools and churches through out the community. I strive to make a positive difference in my community. I want to see the city of Reseda evolve to what we all believe and wish for it. I have had previous experiences in community leadership positions and I know that I can make a positive impact for the city of Reseda.

At-Large Representatives
Term: 4 Years for top 5 highest
vote getters
Term: 2 Years for sixth and seventh
highest vote getters
7 Elected Any stakeholders who identify themselves as stakeholders other than solely as a Residential Stakeholder or Business Stakeholder including but not limited to any person who owns property or participates in educational institutions, religious institutions, community organizations or other non-profit organizations and who are at least 18 years or age or older. Stakeholders who live, work, own property or declare a stake in the neighborhood and affirm the factual basis for it and who are at least 18 years of age or older.

Timothy Mulholland

My name is Timothy Mulholland. I have been a resident and business owner in Reseda for 30 years. As a Civic Leader in Los Angeles, I serve as a board member of the Reseda Neighborhood Council since 2009 and the Chairman of the Emergency Disaster and Safety Committee for the Village of Reseda. I also serve my Community as a volunteer at the Providence Tarzana Hospital and at Our Lady of Grace Church in Encino as a Eucharist Minister. I feel a person’s character blossoms when they give back to the Society and their Country that has given them so much. Please vote for me.


Timothy Mulholland

Brandon Balderas

I was born in Tarzana, raised in Reseda, and work for your City. And for the past year and half I have had the joy of serving as one of your representatives of the Reseda Neighborhood Council. It has giving me such joy to be able to give back to the community that has giving so much to me for the past 35 years.
In my time served so far, I have helped in many community clean ups, setting up multiple free mulch giveaways as well as hundreds of free tree giveaways. I also serve on several committees in the RNC like…Economic Development, Outreach, Planning and Zoning, Youth advocacy, Reseda Park Advisory Board, CPAB, Neighborhood Watch and Relay for Life. I commit to continue working hard to make this a better place for my family and yours!

Sharon Brewer

Background information:
I have lived in Reseda all my life except for 8 months after I got married.
I have (2) grown children who went to the same schools (elementary, middle, and high schools) I went to growing up. My daughter (who also lives in Reseda) even had my Reseda High US Government teacher in 12th grade.

Involvement with RNC:
I have attended RNC General meetings for years and have been attending the Centennial Committee meetings (only missed one). I have volunteered at numerous clean-ups and attended events held by the RNC. I have also been riding on Sundays with the Ride Reseda (unofficial RNC) group since the beginning.

Reason running for RNC At-Large position:
I decided that since I’m spending so much time at RNC meetings and events that I might as well “throw my hat in the ring” and run for an At-Large position.



Kevin Taylor

Being a member of my Neighborhood Council has been a genuinely transformational experience in my life. Building a better community, volunteering where I live, being a part of the solution – what a gift. The potential is limitless.
El potencial es ilimitado.
tiềm năng là vô hạn.
ներուժը անսահման է.
پتانسیل بی حد و حصر است.

Spike Dolomite Ward

I run a nonprofit, Arts in Education Aid Council (AEAC). One of our adopted schools is Melvin Elementary. I also serve on the Advisory Board for the AOAT at Cleveland High School. My first book of “ART” cartoons is being sold at Continental Art Supplies.

I oversee school arts programs, produce events and festivals, manage staff and volunteers, and fundraise. I have also served on other boards over the years, including the San Fernando Valley Arts Council and PTA. I was chosen by the Annenberg Foundation to be one of their first “Community Champions”, mentoring nonprofit leaders in LA on how to develop and strengthen boards of directors.

I have dealt with all the neighborhood councils in the Valley through my work with AEAC. Reseda NC is one of the more efficient councils, and I look forward to serving the Reseda community, if elected.

Phil Merlin

With the formation of Los Angeles Neighborhood Councils in 2002, this Candidate found a meaningful way to serve his community and become involved in the process of influencing city government positively.

As an active stakeholder, Phil Merlin served on the Youth Advocacy Committee, which published and distributed a Youth Directory listing activities and services available to young people in Reseda. He also served on the Outreach Committee informing the community of the services provided by the RNC.
When elected as a board member, Phil Merlin chaired the Senior Advocacy Committee for several years and has been instrumental in organizing four, successful senior symposium events.
Mr. Merlin now serves on the Finance Committee, which makes sure the monetary allocations requested by other committees are proper.
Phil continues to be active folding and delivering the RNC monthly newsletter and can be seen manning the RNC Booth at most community events.

Monica Zepeda

My name is Monica Zepeda and I am excited to run for the At- Large seat in Reseda NC.

I work in this city and consider myself an active member in my church of which is located in the heart of Reseda Blvd working side by side with Leaders to help improve the lives of others.

As a member of the RNC, I would like to be the link of communication between city and the community and bring new ideas to keep improving the condition of the community.
Your vote will allow me to address issues regarding the community as well as taking an active role of service.

Robert Vogel

Hi, I am Rob Vogel a life long resident of Reseda.  Still residing here with my wife of 38 years and we raised our two beautiful daughters here.  I am a retired municipal employee who worked over 30 years for the Parks Department, always in the San Fernando Valley.  I am an active neighborhood block captain in Reseda and I volunteer for Woodland Hills Kaiser Permanente one to two days a week.  I have worked independently with the Department of Street Services on numerous occasions to have several roads re-paved in Reseda.  You can be assured that when you vote for me your vote is for a man who knows Reseda, who takes pride in Reseda and will do his best for Reseda.
Thank you all.


One Generation
Outdoor Patio

18255 Victory Blvd.
Reseda, CA 91335

Polling Hours:
11 am to 5 pm

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