South Robertson Neighborhoods Council

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Region: West Area

What is SORO NC?
The South Robertson Neighborhoods Council (SORO NC) was chartered on August 13, 2002 as part of the City of Los Angeles’s Neighborhood Council system. The NC system was created in 1999 to allow those who live, work or worship in a particular neighborhood—stakeholders—an opportunity to have a voice in community and city decisions. Each of the 96 neighborhood councils is currently funded with $37,000 yearly by the City.

How does SORO NC run?
The Board of SORO NC has 25 seats, all or part of which are filled at any given time. These seats represent geographical areas [zones], organizations and businesses. Any stakeholder within the SORO NC borders may run as a candidate in the 2010 election, or submit an application to be appointed to a vacant seat, if he or she meets the criteria for that particular position. The full Board meets once a month, at the General Board Meeting. In addition, the NC operates nine different committees which address a wide cross-section of community issues. These committees meet throughout the month and are attended by both Board members and stakeholders.

What does SORO NC do?
In addition to working closely with City departments, our neighborhood council is very active in the community. We are dedicated to the economic revitalization of our area, and run a number of projects and events. Check out our Programs area and individual Committee pages for more details.

How can I get involved?
Committee participation is the ideal way to start getting involved and making a difference in your community and all stakeholders who attend committee meetings are able to vote on motions. Since the Neighborhood Council functions as a part of the City of Los Angeles, the public is welcomed at all our meetings and all our activities are subject to the Ralph M. Brown Act, designed to promote open and transparent government. All SORO NC meetings and agendas are posted 72 hours in advance on this website and at the Robertson Library among other locations, so please sign up for updates and come and join us in shaping the community we share.

Executive Officers

Board Members

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Meeting: 3rd Thursday, 7pm
Meeting Address:
Simon Wiesenthal Center
1399 Roxbury Dr. (at Pico Blvd)
Los Angeles, CA 90035-4709

Mailing Address:
PO Box 35836
Los Angeles, CA 90035
Planning Mailing Address:
PO Box 35836
Los Angeles, CA 90035

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Field Rep:
Freddy Cupen-Ames

Funding Rep:
Shawna Dungo