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Open Board Seats 2012 – United Neighborhoods NC

At-Large Representatives
(Group A: Seats 1 – 6)
Term: 4 years
6 Elected UNNC stakeholders who live, work, own property or participate in the UNNC community and affirm a factual basis for it and who are 14 years or older. UNNC stakeholders who live, work, own property or participate in the UNNC community and affirm a factual basis for it and who are 14 years or older.

Leigh Rosensteel-Patrick

I would like to have a chance on your board so that I can help in getting this city back on track for everything that deals with our schools and public safety. I want for everyone to have a quality of life and this is why I want to run for a seat that deals with this items and parts.

Sandra Pruitt

My name is Sandra Pruitt and I am the mother of 3. We have lived in the area of 4 yrs. In 2009 my 26 year old son, Jerell Green was murdered at the Louisiana Chicken restaurant on Arlington and Jefferson. Within in couple of months after that incident I started a block club, however the people who were interested were not necessarily from my block. I decided to call the club Jefferson Park United. We had a march and rally from Western and Jefferson to Leslie Shaw park. I later found out about UNNC and wanted to become apart of the council because they are concerned and have a voice in Jefferson Park. I love where I live and I want to be actively involved in my community.

Mark DeMan

I have lived in the NC area since 1988,restoring my home and participate in the Harvard Heights Neighnborhood Assosiation and the Harvard Heights HPOZ. Currently I am involved in the Steering Committee for the Normandie/Cordova Pocket Park Project and am spearheading a grant proposal with the Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative to refurbish our street monument and landscape the SE corner parkway. Since my recent retirement from LAUSD I have had more time to spend on local community matters and would very muchg like to represent the community on the UNNC.

Jess Bravo

I have been apart of the UNNC for over 8 years. I am looking to continue working on the revitalization, economic development growth and building a strong and united neighborhood.

Gus Harris

John Arnold

I would be honored to continue serving on the UNNC for another term. I will continue to use my professional experience in design, planning, historic preservation, problem solving, and consensus building for the betterment of the neighborhood.

William Hernandez

I believe that together we can make our neighborhood safer and beautiful.

Charlzetta Driver

A native of Los Angeles and Veteran of the U.S. Military, I believe individuals thrive in communities that nurture entire families. Community is wherever one receives education, health care & edification, spiritual growth, and recreation, equally.

Committed to proactively assisting continued growth and unification through increasing safety, beautification, diverse services, and education is my goal; in turn, creating a future of dedicated property owners, residents, businesses, and workers possessing the same passion for our community.

I bring a plethora of experience and talents. While in the U.S. Army, domestic and abroad, I gained the full understanding of civic duty and developed stronger pride and passion for community. My professional experience includes: Writer/Journalist, Real Estate, Retail Management, Corporate Training, Production Manager, and Emergency Medical Treatment. Mother, divorcee, and professional, I learned the value of family, community, and individual responsibility firsthand through trials and successes.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Carlton Stubbs

Anthony Carter

Involvement, Input, Empowerment.

My name is Anthony Carter and I am a resident of West Adams. I belive the United Neighborhood Council has a responsibility to listen to and to represent the prople fairly and honestly. West Adams is my home and that of many friends and neighbors who work hard to ensure our community continues to provide an excellent quality of life for those that live and work here.

I have served as the West Adams Avenues neighborhood representative for the community Police Advisory Board, and an also practicing civil attorney.

From Arlington Heights, to West Adams, to Jefferson Park, it would be an honor to serve in our community as a member of the united neighborhood Council and your consideration is greatly appreciated.

Area 1 Resident
Representative – Seat 1
Term: 4 years
1 Elected Resident stakeholder of Area 1 who is 14 years or older. Resident stakeholders of Area 1 who are 14 years or older.
Betty Walton 

Glen Booker

Hello my name is Glen Booker,
This is a quick personal bio, I am originally from Boston Massachusetts, I moved to Los Angeles approx. 20 years ago where I lived in Venice, Marina Del Rey area, I currently reside in Arlington Heights and have been living here for the last two years.  Currently I attend Santa Monica College, and plan on transferring to U.C.L.A. where I plan on achieving a B.A. in Kinesiology, and A.A. in political Science as it relates to public policy.  My desire to make a difference not only in my neighborhood but other areas where I can make a difference in public policy.  That said i feel I would make a very good Resident Representative Candidate thank you in advance for any consideration.
Thank you so much,
Glen Brooker

Moon Chung

I am running for UNNC council member because I believe in our capacity to build safe, sustainable and prosperous neighborhoods in our area.  I hope you will help us improve our quality of life, promote transparency, and create better life in our neighborhoods.
I ask you for your support because our wellbeing is at stake and we must defend it with reason, courage, and integrity.

Area 2 Resident Representative – Seat 1
Term: 4 years
1 Elected Resident stakeholder of Area 2 who is 14 years or older. Resident stakeholders of Area 2 who are 14 years or older.

Billie Green

I have lived and worked in this community over 35 years. My neighborhood is West Adams Heights – Sugar Hill.
We aim to build a better community, both within the neighborhood and around us.

Area 3 Resident Representative – Seat 1
Term: 4 years
1 Elected Resident stakeholder of Area 3 who is 14 years or older. Resident stakeholders of Area 3 who are 14 years or older.
 Clarence Moore

Elizabeth Fenner

I’ve been a fan of the West Adams and surrounding areas for 10 years, and a resident for 3 years; I’ve lived all over Los Angeles from the Valley to the South Bay to the Fairfax district, and this is the best neighborhood I’ve lived in: situated right in the center with so much access, a rich history, diverse and community-minded neighbors, and pride. One of the best qualities of the neighborhood is people’s active commitment to fulfilling the potential of the area. We want it to be beautiful, safe, a place with business, good schools and community, with enjoyment and productivity for everyone. I would be honored to contribute to that effort as a member of the United Neighborhood Neighborhood Council.

Area 4 Resident Representative – Seat 1
Term: 4 years
1 Elected Resident stakeholder of Area 4 who is 14 years or older. Resident stakeholders of Area 4 who are 14 years or older.

Andrea Dunlop

I am running for re-election of my position to represent my neighborhood and also to get my neighborhood involved with improving the greater area as a whole. Together we can make things happen!

Area 5 Resident Representative – Seat 1
Term: 4 years
1  Elected Resident stakeholder of Area 5 who is 14 years or older. Resident stakeholders of Area 5 who are 14 years or older.

Norman Gilmore

I have been serving on the UNNC Board as a Jefferson Park Resident Representative since February 2009.I have worked to support revitalization and development that is compatible with our community, to protect historic resources, and to empower our community. I email updates about local events and issues to subscribers of the list. I have worked to inform Jefferson Park about our new HPOZ by posting relevant documents and maps at Recently, I started an online petition supporting a Trader Joe’s at Crenshaw and Rodeo, and also helped to organize door-to-door canvassing. I have attended numerous city hearings to provide our neighborhood’s perspective on issues from alcohol permits to zoning issues.

I also serve as Secretary of the UNNC Governing Board and I have reliably taken the meeting minutes for the monthly Governing Board meetings for the last 3 1/2 years.

I appreciate your support.

Marilyn Romero

I’ve resided in the West Adams for the past 18 years, and witnessed my first drive-by shooting when I was seven years old. I grew up in a neighborhood plagued by prostitution and gang violence. I know what its like to walk outside my home living in fear. I can only imagine the fear that consumed my mother as I walked to and from school every day. This is a fear I want to change for the people in my neighborhood. I hope to empower all of the members of my community, to fight and reclaim our streets. Given the opportunity to be a part of the UNNC governing board , I will be the voice of concern for our neighborhoods and work diligently with the municipal council to ensure that progress takes place. More importantly, I look forward to unifying my community and engaging them to take proactive roles.

Area 6 Resident
Representative – Seat 1
Term: 4 years
1 Elected Resident stakeholder of Area 6 who is 14 years or older. Resident stakeholders of Area 6 who are 14 years or older.

Councilman Herb J. Wesson Jr.
District 10 Field Office

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