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Open Board Seats 2014- Venice NC

Term: 2 Years
1 Elected Stakeholder who lives, works or owns property within the VNC boundaries who is 16 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, or own property within the VNC boundaries who are 16 years or older.
mATTY_gOODMANMatty Soccermom Goodman
MikeNewhouse_Venice.REg11Mike Newhouse – Four years after serving as VNC President, I am running again. My wife and I have lived here for 18 years, and Venice is as engaged as it has ever been. But, too often, spirited discussion gives way to disrespect.This is not any one person’s fault. But, moving forward, we should agree that we all have opinions that matter, and should be considered.Of course, I am not running to simply mediate the debate. I believe in: 1) Venice getting services in proportion to the revenue we generate; 2) staying diverse in income, ethnicity, culture and age; 3) managing growth; 4) keeping Venice safe, without ignoring the un-housed and others in need; and 5) encouraging businesses to preserve and expand upon Venice’s historic character.I hope you agree, and that you will vote on May 18th.
Term: 2 Years
1 Elected Stakeholder who lives, works or owns property within the VNC boundaries who is 16 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, or own property within the VNC boundaries who are 16 years or older.
MarcSaltzberg_Venice.REg11Marc Saltzberg – Venice is the best community in LA to live in! Our beach, Ocean Front Walk, art, restaurants, spirit and diversity make us one of the top destinations in America!It’s been incredibly fulfilling to address Venice’s challenges as a VNC Board member. First as Outreach Officer, then as Vice-President, I’ve worked with you to improve Venice.Finding creative, consensus-based solutions to our concerns is a challenge. The city’s budget is too small and the issues are tough. The big questions – homelessness, public safety, development, parking and others command our attention and test our commitment. Securing city resources tests our patience.But representing you on the VNC is special – we work together to get the job done!I want to continue to be part of our efforts to make Venice a better place to live and work. I ask for your vote as VNC Vice-President.
John Reed
Term: 2 Years
1 Elected Stakeholder who lives, works or owns property within the VNC boundaries who is 16 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, or own property within the VNC boundaries who are 16 years or older.
Helen_Stotler_Reg11_VNC_2014Helen Stotler – Hi, fellow Venetians! After spending one term as your Communications Officer, I hope to have the chance to continue to serve and to take on a new challenge – as Secretary. My goal was to expand the VNC’s interaction with the community during the last term — launching a new website, redesigning our weekly emails and exponentially increasing our social media presence. Being Secretary will allow me to use all the skills and knowledge I gained serving on the Board and numerous committees — to continue to help my fellow stakeholders become more aware of and involved in VNC’s work as liaison between The City and our neighborhoods.I love working as a team with constituents and other Board members to make our Venice the best it can be. I look forward to meeting those of you I don’t already know. In the meantime, you can reach me at
Idalia_MunozIdalia Rubi Munoz
Term: 2 Years
1 Elected Stakeholder who lives, works or owns property within the VNC boundaries who is 16 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, or own property within the VNC boundaries who are 16 years or older.
Hugh Harrison
Chair of Land Use and Planning
Term: 2 Years
1 Elected Stakeholder who lives, works or owns property within the VNC boundaries who is 16 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, or own property within the VNC boundaries who are 16 years or older.
Monica Ramone (WITHDREW)

Thomas R Sauer (WITHDREW)

Robin_Rudisill_Reg11_VNC_2014Robin Rudisill – Venice is an incredibly SPECIAL and unique Community. A Venetian since 2003, I serve as a member of LUPC and Neighborhood Committee. Venetians never cease to amaze and inspire me; YOU and your cries for change are WHY I’m running and WHY I am excited about the huge difference we can make together! Our challenge is for the LUPC to set the example and be the change we wish to see, while partnering with the City and Council office in improving foundation, process and oversight. I have the real world experience, City and land use/planning know-how to lead such an effort. With the right focus and an empowered and passionate Community, together we can stop the character erosion of our precious Venice and move forward in shaping our future…achieving our goal of protecting and improving Quality of Life in Venice, today and for generations to come!
Please visit:
HeadShotBorderJames Murez – Since moving to Venice 25 years ago, I’ve been invested in this community. I raised 2 my children here, managed the Farmer’s Market since 1989, organized the planting of 1400 trees, and have been involved in planning since Ruth Galanter’s CPAC, having served on LUPC the last 8 years.
Our local plans are incomplete and ambiguous, creating uncertainty and multiple interpretations. Challenged by developers trying to build to the max, we need stronger guidelines for smart change, which will not erode our history and charm. It’s our responsibility, in a collaborative and open way, to gather and present facts and opinions to our government officials. I will ensure that the Council Office, City Planning, Building and Safety, and Coastal Commission listen to us!I ask for your vote, so together we can ensure that Venice remains protected, eclectic, diverse and, simply, the best place to live, work and play.
Challis Macpherson (WITHDREW)
Communications Officer
Term: 2 Years
1 Elected Stakeholder who lives, works or owns property within the VNC boundaries who is 16 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, or own property within the VNC boundaries who are 16 years or older.

Tatyana_CharnisTatyana Charnis

Matthew Beltran_R11_VNCMatthew A Beltran – Upon moving to Venice shortly after graduating from UCLA in 2008, I found an atmosphere of inventive energy booming from the community. Numerous friends and a vibrant social neighborhood have shown me how fortunate I am to live at this inspirational beach amongst innovative people. If elected, I intend to ensure that all communications are handled quickly for the public good. I plan to expand on the current website’s social network by focusing on new features that increase activity in the VNC. I hope to add more mapping abilities to the website, making it more personal and extending the visibility of the VNC’s actions around the district. I feel that we all can bring Venice into the new age while preserving the historical roots. If you agree, then look for me on the ballot in the VOTING BOOTHS MAY 18. See you around town. Ver por el pueblo.
Scott_KramarichScott Kramarich – I ask that you give me an opportunity to serve as Communications Officer on the Venice Neighborhood Council. I’m a two term communication committee member, I know the process and have a balanced approach. I have been extensively involved in the VNC’s leap to an enhanced digital presence by revamping the VNC website and helping form its Facebook Page.I am committed to and take seriously the responsibility of the VNC to represent the interests of the whole community. I believe the success of the neighborhood council is reflected by its connection to the community, its legitimacy and the community’s participation.I have lived off of Rose Avenue in Venice for fifteen years. I am a home owner, father, husband, software developer and small business owner.I am Venice proud and I ask you to vote for Scot Kramarich for Communications Officer!
JedPaukerJed Pauker – I love Venice, and I know how lucky we are to live in our paradise by the sea.On the Land Use and Planning Committee from 2006-2010, I was fortunate to work with longtime activists and preeminent LUPC Chair Challis Macpherson, who taught us to listen well and to speak up.Serving continuously on the Outreach Committee since 2007, I moderated the 2008 fences and hedges controversy and brought Food Truck Task Force recommendations to the City in 2010.I served on the Board between 2010 and 2012, maintaining the web site, refining the mail system and helping to revive the Communications Committee, on which I serve today.With your vote, I promise to improve the web site’s display and operation, restore transparency and best practices to LUPC and, most of all, maintain open dialogue to face our common challenges and to promote the blessings we all share.
Outreach Officer
Term: 2 Years
1 Elected Stakeholder who lives, works or owns property within the VNC boundaries who is 16 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, or own property within the VNC boundaries who are 16 years or older.
vnc photoSylvia Aroth – I am a long-time resident of Venice and have most recently served one term on the VNC board as a community representative, where I’ve attempted to represent the interests of all stakeholders with a sense of progressivism, compassion and fairness.I have raised a family, rented and owned homes, and been an entrepreneur in Venice. I’ve worked as a professional in the for-profit and nonprofit fields and have also been a community activist.Venice currently faces many serious, often controversial issues. As Outreach Officer I will energetically work to bring people together to learn, dialogue, debate and provide guidance to the VNC board as well as City Hall.My background of event planning, community organizing and fostering constructive dialogue will help me serve the goal of expanding communication between the Neighborhood Council and the community it represents. We can, and should, provide a venue to solve, not exacerbate, our problems.
Tamra Earlywine (WITHDREW)
At-Large Community Officers
Term: 2 Years
13 Elected Stakeholder who lives, works or owns property within the VNC boundaries who is 16 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, or own property within the VNC boundaries who are 16 years or older.
Colin Hornett_R11_VNCColin William Hornett – Born in England and raised in Canada, I spent my late teens and early twenties as a professional snowboarder, before becoming a lawyer, writer, producer, photographer, and interactive story telling specialist in TV and film. Having lived all over the world, Venice is the place I call home. The vibrant heart and soul of this incredible seaside community needs to be preserved while moving forward into new opportunities and challenges. I’d love the opportunity to represent our community because I want to do my part in keeping Venice great and making it even better.
JoeMurphy_Venice.REg11#2Joe Murphy – Resume: Upon graduating from Cornell Law School (1969), I practiced law/mediation and was politically active in Seattle until moving to Venice (2004). I helped draft the current Bylaws (2005-06 Bylaws Committee). Elected Community Officer in 2006 – Administrative Committee, chair of Rules & Elections Committee, Secretary for several years, co-author of Standing Rule 20 VNC Vision Goals, founder & chair of the Discussion Forum Committee.Seattle experience includes community, citywide political groups and campaigns with emphasis on election of City Council reform candidates, campaign finance, urban design, transportation, and human rights. I am a Vietnam Veteran.Interests: I am interested in: (i) exploring options in VNC Board structure & procedures to broaden consensus on historically contentious Venice issues; and (ii) slowing the erosion of economic diversity with new approaches to providing more less-expensive housing. I sincerely request your vote.
Clarence Carter R11_VNCClarence “CC” Carter –It’s no secret to anyone who knows Venice that Venice is changing. Having lived in Venice for the past 10 years, I’ve seen how much our community has changed. As more companies descend on Venice, more change is certain. It’s important to maintain the diversity that makes Venice, Venice. As a business owner, I believe it’s necessary to build partnerships between our schools and companies moving into Venice to improve the quality of our children’s education. Additionally, I believe we must develop a solid plan to make Venice a safer place to live work and play. To accomplish these goals, and many more, we need voices of reason on the VNC. I’m a strong voice of reason, and I’ll work to make Venice better for everyone. If you’re looking for a good man that will work hard to improve our community, then I want your vote.
Will Flynn R11_VNCWill Flynn – Hi folks! I’m Will Flynn, and I’m running for VNC because I want to have a voice in my community. And I want everyone to have voice. I have spent my life working to help people empower themselves politically. I helped Obama get re-elected as a field organizer in my hometown of Pittsburgh, struggled with the occupiers in New York City in 2011, and organized unions across the country, including California. As a community at-large officer, I will make it my responsibility to mitigate the negative aspects of development in Venice, and to foster development that the community can agree upon. Many of the forces driving development here are outside the scope of our control, but Venice as a community has a right to organize itself politically to determine how the process of development should happen. It is in our interest to foster a development that is sustainable, responsible, and shared among all the people of Venice.
BrandonGross_Venice.REg11Brandon Aaron Gross – We all know that Venice is an extraordinary place with a rich heritage, which is why we’ve chosen to live here, why you’ve decided to vote in this election and why I’m compelled to get further involved in our community as an At-Large Community Officer. As someone who is both an LA native and an employee at a tech mainstay in the area, I understand firsthand the challenge of balancing the old and the new, especially in our community where change is happening so rapidly and I intend to ensure community remains the number one priority. I want to bridge the gap between the community of Venice and the growing tech business presence by increasing communication, understanding and shared interests. Most important, I will be actions-oriented to ensure Venice remains diverse and retains its essence. I would be honored to represent you.
NoelGould_Venice.REg11Noel Gould – I’ve been working in Venice since 1992 and of all places, Venice and her people have the most incredibly special and unique vibe!I work in the creative arts, and Venice is exploding with creativity at every turn, and there’s no place like it on earth!Cross the border into Venice, and it’s literally like entering a new and wonderful country!I believe it’s crucial to preserve the integrity of our city, to maintain the special uniqueness and diversity of our residents, and while change is inevitable, making sure that our city remains imbued with the remarkable character and history of bygone days.I feel I can be a tremendous asset to the community by serving you on the VNC, and if you elect me, I’ll be there to help!If you’d like to get a better sense of my vibe, please check out! Noel
Nick W. Kislinger –
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIra Lawrence Koslow – I was elected eight years ago to the first of four terms served on the Venice Neighborhood Council. My goals over the years have been:

  1. To serve my specific constituency, the walk streets Windward north to the Santa Monica border.
  2. To make decisions that I feel are in the best interests of the whole Venice community.
  3. To have the VNC be consistent in its procedures so that stakeholders and applicants know what to expect and how to approach the Council.

In order to accomplish these, I have been on the Administrative Committee for my entire tenure and Chair of the Rules and Elections Committee for the past seven years. These are still my goals because they are open-ended and I can only say that I have been open and honest throughout. I have voted my conscience on all issues and I will keep up the good fight

Eduardo Manilla_R11_VNCEduardo Manilla – It has been a true honor to serve on the VNC board as a Community Officer and Co-Chair of the Arts Committee. I’m running for re-election because I would like to continue representing the blooming Artistic Community as well as the Millennial Generation. My background as an Architect brings a pragmatic vision necessary when we deal with residential and urban development projects, and my community organization skills can support the Outreach mission of the VNC.

Ha sido un honor el servir en el VNC como Oficial de la Comunidad y Co-Chair del Comitè de Artes. Deseo ser re-elegido por que quisiera poder seguir representando a la Comunidad Artistica y a la Generacion de Millenials. Mi educaciòn como Arquitecto brinda un punto de vista pragmàtico necesario cuando tratamos con proyectos de desarrollo urbano y residencial, y mi experiencia en organizaciòn comunitaria es de ayuda a la misión de divulgaciòn del VNC.
Beth Allyn_R11_VNCBeth Allyn – As the At-Large Community Officer, my mission is to work toward reducing congestion and increasing safety on our streets; I believe both goals can be accomplished by creating a more encouraging and supportive environment for bicyclists. More bike lanes and corrals and stronger enforcement of road rules will provide better safety for bicyclists, pedestrians, and cars. Bikers also need better lighting to safely operate at night. The number of lights on the bike path, the OFW, and high traffic areas can be increased; the cost can be minimized by opting for cheaper, lower maintenance bulbs. Better lighting benefits everyone by deterring the criminal activity that takes place under the cloak of darkness. These simple changes can allow us to regain 24/7 access to our beaches, making the Venice oceanfront a more desirable destination for locals and for tourists, whose increased spending will have positive benefits for our entire community.
Tommy_Walker_reg11_VNC_2014Tommy O Walker – I have lived and worked in Venice, California, all of my life. As a young child, some may say I was the problem in Venice; however, I am now the solution to the problems. Understanding the dynamics in Venice, I feel that both my experience and knowledge is needed to diversify this board. Venice is not your average city due to the uniqueness that captivates this California City. As a Community Officer on the 2012 Board, I was able to capture the needs of the community. In that, I have maintained the structural integrity of Venice by voting, always taking into account the needs of the constituents. The roar in my thunder will be evident in the communities’ outcome. When you vote for me, be confident that your needs will be addressed.
Kevin Alan Dempsey –
Tore Knos R11_VNCTore Knos – I have owned a historic house (1898) in Venice for seven years. The house’s former owner had acquired a demolition permit to replace it with a new structure. Rather than demolish the house, I restored it and reside here permanently. I chose this area due to its diversity and beautiful surroundings. What makes Venice “Venice” needs to be preserved while managing the area’s explosive growth. I believe we must adhere to the Venice Specific Plan, however, it is outdated (2004) and needs to be revised. I also oppose allowing three residential units on a single lot. I have attended the majority of the Venice Council meetings and the Land Use Planning Committee meetings over the past year so I am familiar with the board’s work. I am also active in the Playa Venice Rotary Club and participated in numerous events to help both local Venice firefighters and families in need.
Mike_Bravo_Reg11_VNC_2014Mike Bravo Jr. – Mike is a 5th generation Venetian born & raised in Venice, CA. He is an Indigenous Spiritual Activist and lead coordinator of The Four Corners Spirit Run which provides Indigenous American youth and others with culturally relevant programs promoting development of positive Indigenous values. Currently he is a freelance Web & Graphic Designer for various businesses in the areas of Family Law and Non-profits. Via conscious design endeavors he seeks to inspire positive values and build bridges to help create a true world community.Few in Venice have the honor of living in the same house and walking the same streets as their great-great grandmother. Representing the legacy, experiences, and voices of many generations, he is very passionate about efforts to protect our neighborhoodâ??s character from over development and break down the barriers toward building a positive sense of community for ALL residents of this uniquely diverse area of LA.
Tracy Randall_R11_VNCTracy Randall – My name is Tracy Randall, and I am a 12 year resident of Venice Beach. I am inspired to get more involved and give back to my community. I am an internet entrepreneur, and I am excited about the possibilities of using technology / the internet to assist the Venice community and the VNC to address long-standing challenges and create new opportunities. I am also an avid cyclist and interested in pushing forward on the strides that have been made in making the community more bike friendly. I live in an original craftsman home that my husband and I have upgraded, and I am supportive of keeping a strong Venice feel to our community. Venice has positively changed in the decade that I’ve been a resident, and I’d welcome the opportunity and your vote to represent the Venice community in shaping the future.
AbigailMyers_Venice.REg11Abigail Dunlop Myers – Currently on the VNC board and looking to continue working to help the community where ever possible and preserve our neighborhoods character.During the last year and a half I have worked as Co-chair of the Ad-Hoc Environmental Committee, the Santa Monica Airport Committee, Housing committee, and Parking and Transportation committee. Please vote for me and I’ll to continue to help where I can.
Rick SelanRick Selan – Venice NC needs a 180 degree transformation to restore ethics, accountability, and a positive spirit and include the entire Venice Community; not just those with personal self interests.
What’s wrong:
– VNC does not respond to Public Records Requests.

– VNC denies all grievances and complaints since 2005 as “Non-actionable and denied with prejudice”. One individual unilaterally denies all complaints, even those against himself. DONE has formally intervened.
– VNC elected At-Large Community Members do not represent their neighborhoods. By-laws state non-elected members on the Neighborhood Committee represent their neighborhoods.
– VNC Education voted 6-0 to deny Venice Title One parents of color the right to Voice and Visibility.If elected, this Representative will serve the Penmar Community, the low income under represented Title One parents, guardians, and students and those in the Venice Educational Community.
Vote For positive change. Peace.
Christina Marquez R11_VNCChristina Marquez – I am very proud to live here and be a 2nd generation Venetian. I would truly love to be part of the Venice Neighborhood Council to take part in continually moving us in right direction. My focus would be to preserve the wonderful community we have as is, keep our Venice spirit and togetherness alive because there is nothing like it. We also need to change a few things as well. A few of the issues that I feel need to be addressed are residential parking, which seems to be a concern for many. Working on minimizing if not, eliminating motor vehicle camping on our streets which has created many concerns. Another major issue is the young homeless that camp out on the beach. I would like to see them somewhere safe and off the streets. This has became difficult for those that live here but we have also had an increase in break-ins and theft.
Oliver Mossi_R11_VNCOliver Mossi – As a resident of Los Angles since 1988 I have been fortunate to live in many different areas of this great city. However, nowhere resonates more with me than Venice. I live, work, and play in Venice therefore I am very protective of it. Having made Venice my home, I plan to live here for many years to come. This connection made me want to get involved with the Neighborhood Council.As your representative, the key issues that I will be focusing on include:1- Public Safety2- Keeping Venice clean / Homelessness challenges3- Parking and Transportation4- Preservation and Restoration5- Responsible Future DevelopmentIf elected, I promise to work diligently with rest of the board members on your behalf to continue to make Venice a special place to live, work and visit. It would be an honor to represent you. Thank you!
Petra Rudisill_R11_VNCPetra Rudisill – Being a member of the VNC would mean a great deal to me. I would be able to link issues having to do with my high school, Venice High School, and the community as a whole. As the president of the Magnet School at VHS, I would have the ability to voice the opinions of the younger generations to the board on issues that will be discussed pertaining to Venice community issues.

(Coming soon)
Marc Castleman_R11_VNCMarc Castleman – I am a former board member and I have decided it is time for me to return to the board. I have been a resident of Oakwood neighborhood for 16 years and have seen amazing change. While many are against all change, I have seen my neighborhood evolve from one full of prostitutes and pervasive drug dealing to one where I feel comfortable walking with my wife and young twins. I see that change as a fantastic thing but along with it has come overdevelopment and over-commercialization of our little part of LA that we all call home. I will work to keep Venice safe and clean so we all can feel comfortable walking anywhere at any time while at the same time work to manage growth. Development is inevitable but we can ensure it occurs in a smart way and complies with the Venice Specific Plan.
MaxSloanPicMax Sloan – My name is Max Sloan and I’m a current VNC Board Member. I am running for re-election because I believe it’s essential to maintain Venice’s unique culture in the face of rapid change.Development is inevitable. We need to be pragmatic about our approach to permitting. I am a supporter of projects that respond to neighborhood concerns. We should hold steady on the Venice Specific Plan while rewarding those who listen to and involve the community.As a lifelong surfer, cultivating a healthy beach is close to my heart. I’d continue to place emphasis on protecting our ecosystem. I also plan to work tirelessly to improve VNC engagement with younger Venice residents.
GG HeadshotGeorge Francisco – I have been a resident of Venice for over 20 years, starting with my first job as a writer for “Venice” Magazine – back when magazines were actually printed! Recently, as one of the founders of the Venice Symphony Orchestra, I have been able to invest more of myself in working on some of Venice’s more challenging issues from a different perspective than the standard. I hope that by serving on the VNC, I will be able to support the community as it charts its way forward. I propose to do this by continuing to actively engage with as many residents and stakeholders as possible; promote more civility and professionalism in our political process; and work to ensure that an emphasis on arts and culture continues to be the animating spirit of Venice.
photo-2Erin Sullivan Ward – I have lived in Venice for 12 years and have always been an active member of our community. I have served on the Venice Neighborhood Council the past two years as At-Large Community Officer. In addition to attending meetings, my primary goal has been to actually get things done that have made a positive impact here in Venice. As a member of the Environmental Committee I organized monthly trash clean-ups. We have removed hundreds of bags of trash in areas that badly needed it. We also started a monthly E-Waste pick-up program at the Farmers Market. My goal in the next two years is to get even more done to improve our quality of life here in Venice. We have an incredibly creative, artistic and forward-thinking community. I think by harnessing that spirit we can address difficult issues and continue to make Venice a great place to live and work.
Melissa Diner R11_VNCMelissa 24/7 Diner – United We StandCompromise, trust and hard work through action are the keys to success and results in personal, business & political relations.I am running for Community Officer to try to create win win situations, think about the positions of all others and compromise so we can make decisions and move on.You can trust that I will make decisions for the best interest of the community at large while taking into consideration the obstacles of the law above us.I aim to represent that hard work has reward, no one benefits from hand outs without first showing progress and if we aim to work together despite our differences we can accomplish anything. I hope I can count on your vote for Community Officer on the Venice Neighborhood Council. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.All day. Everyday. 24/7 DINER
Matthew Kline – I’ve served on the VNC since 2011, most recently as the Outreach Officer. I have lived here and the Westside for nearly a decade. I work in Venice at Zambezi, a creative ad agency. I am running for re-election because we live in an amazing, unique community worth fighting for.I care about improving city services, and maintaining our diverse culture. I also care about balanced growth, and preserving quality of life that makes Venice such an attractive destination.I’m especially proud of the work I’ve done to get younger people involved with the VNC. 2012 elections Outreach resulted in the highest voter turnout in the City, and events that I organized such as the Silicon Beach and Ocean Front Walk Safety town halls brought together diverse groups for productive, face-to-face discourse.I have enjoyed being an open ear for all stakeholders, and an advocate for improvement. big or small.
Michael Watkins R11_VNCMichael Watkins – Living in Venice the last five years, I’ve become very active in local community events, including the annual community BBQ, beach clean-up programs and homeless outreach. While I have a business and economic profession, I have a special spot in my heart for arts and culture, especially here in our backyard. Venice is my home for many years to come because it is where I most feel that I can be myself. I want to give back to our community by devoting my time to be a part of the Neighborhood Council. As your representative you can count on me to focus on the following topics: Transportation, Boardwalk issues, including cleanliness, limiting development to a must need basis, and community outreach programs. I will be a level-headed voice of the community making the tough nosed decisions which need to be
IMG_0698John K Mc Manamy – My focus is to clean up OFW, move the campers into camp grounds, homeless into a shelter, and getting ALL vehicles off OFW including trash and fire trucks and police cars. Vehicles and cars don’t mix!
Kelley_WillisKelley Wilis – This is where I’m supposed to hype myself so you’ll vote for me. “I’ve lived in Venice since the Pleistocene Era” and all that, to establish legitimacy. But we’ve all heard that before. How about a record? I’ve been on the Council for 11 of its 14 years, and I’m proud of a lot of the work it’s done, from slowing runaway development to supporting local outreach to get homeless people into jobs and homes. The local groups and projects it’s funded, including gardens at schools, and music series, have added to the local culture when so much of what made Venice famous is being squeezed out. Venice is not a museum, it is a community that wants to carefully consider the changes it will welcome. I am part of that community, and I want to help Venice consider those changes, and make sure everyone is heard. That sound OK?
Lisa_LubchanskyLisa Lubchansky – Hello Neighbor! 7yrs ago I moved to Venice. Best decision I’ve ever made. A few years ago, we bought a home here and we’re grateful for every day that we spend in our neighborhood. I subscribe to the notion that every one of us has a social contract with the community in which we live. My commitment to you is to really listen to your concerns and to then vote accordingly. Venice is experiencing rapid demographic changes resulting in increased home, rental and property values. The irresistible desirability of Venice to big developers, small lot consolidators& big box retailers cannot be left unchecked. To that end, I believe new development should be carefully and thoughtfully reviewed to ensure that it adds real value, needed amenities & quality of life to our neighborhood. Like you, I want to everything I can to help Venice be a safe, clean, beach lovers’ community.
Thomas Elliott (WITHDREW)
Todd Darling (WITHDREW)
George Gineris
RaviShahRavi Shah – I’m an LA native, who is proud to have made Venice my home. I went to UCLA and am the head of the UCLA Green IT Team, I’m also a member of RESULTS, the Social Enterprise Alliance and Drinking Liberally. I am interested in keeping the character that made Venice the place we all love to call home. I don’t want Venice to become Santa Monica Jr. I would love to see a more diverse VNC, which truly represents the population of Venice.
Sarah Blanch (WITHDREW)
Charlotte Rules – Bees, peas and butterflies; thats what I want to see and hear more of in Venice! You want sidewalk garden plots? Me too! More monarchs and flowers mean more happy people. What’s life without pollinators? Lets plant milkweed and create monarch corridors. We will plant the trees that shade future generations and just plain make everyone feel good! How about working with our councilman to create an children’s ‘outdoor museum’ at the beach? A cute place to get schooled on whale tales and have a family picnic on the grass. Everyone wins when we create ‘green’ gathering spaces. People reflect the beauty they see. About me: children’s media creator & 22 year resident. I like riding my bike, organic eats, eclectic peeps & art on the street. AND working with the city to create more parking for residents. About time we handle that!
Marisa Solomon
Erin Darling R11_VNCErin Darling – I was born and raised in Venice. I am now a public interest attorney working on behalf of students, farm workers and people at risk of homelessness. I have also represented many low-income tenants facing eviction, including many Venice tenants.Venice is one of the last communities on the California coastline that is economically and ethnically diverse, and I want to help community efforts to retain such diversity.I believe the vibrant and unique nature of Venice can continue, but that we have to work together to ensure everyone has access to what makes Venice great. That includes expanding affordable housing, public art venues and safe spaces for youth to hang out. It also means that development must be truly “smart” and “green,” and not just a buzzword for construction projects that will displace and exclude many Venetians.Let’s all share the wonderful ocean, art and people that surround us.
Community Interest Officer
Term: 2 Years
1 Elected Stakeholder who lives, works, owns property or declares a stake within the VNC boundaries and affirms community interest for it who is 16 years or older. Stakeholder who lives, works, owns property or declares a stake within the VNC boundaries and affirms community interest for it who is 16 years or older.
Bud Jacobs_R11_VNCJ (Bud) Lloyd Jacobs – I have worked in the Venice community for over twenty years and have a strong commitment to the youth and families of the community. As the former principal of Venice High School, I have worked with numerous community groups and governmental agencies to create a rich and safe learning environment for young people. My last two years on the Venice Neighborhood Council have made me appreciate the rich diversity and unique qualities of one of the most dynamic communities in LA. I have been a LAUSD administrator, a non-profit executive director and a board member on several non-profits, yet I find my contributions to the Venice community through VNC fulfilling and rewarding. I hope to keep “Rowing” with the 2014 council.
IMG_20140324_152555-1Fred Ceballos – I am a community advocate in Venice for the past three decades.I plan to open the doors to improve communications between the various Stakeholders in Venice.Venice is in need for a community interest officer who has ties with both the English speaking community and the non- English speaking community.It is also time to open ties between the affluent, the middle class, and the low income under represented stakeholders.Venice is all about diversity, the right of self expression , and the freedom to be ourselves.My goal is to implement these three characteristics above within the Venice Neighborhood Council.Without dialogue there is no understanding.It is time for all stakeholders to come together to create harmony.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Polling Hours:
10 am to 6 pm

Westminster Ave. Elementary School
1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Venice, 90291


No Vote by-Mail

Candidate Filing Closed 4/3/14

Deadline for Filing is April 3


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City Clerk Elections Division
555 Ramirez Street, Space 300
Los Angeles, CA 90012


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Fax to: (213) 978-0376


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