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Open Board Seats 2012 – West Hills  NC
At-Large Directors
Term: 4 years
13 Elected All Stakeholders who live, work, own property or who declare a stake in the WHNC and affirm the factual basis for it and who are 18 years or older. All Stakeholders who live, work, own property or who declare a stake in the WHNC and affirm the factual basis for it and who are 16 years or older.

Elliot S Maggin

I’ve served on the West Hills Neighborhood Council for a little over a year and have been active with the Communications and Environmental Committees. I operate the Council’s website and have done research into the best non-disruptive, low-impact uses for the Santa Susana Field Lab which hovers over our town like a bad memory. I’d like to see a traffic light at Highlander and Valley Circle; causes that feel intractable just get me excited. I’m a novelist and a consultant with Kaiser Permanente and have owned a home here for about ten years. I have two grown children: a daughter who’s a student and a son who’s a doctor. Despite being younger, my daughter generally seems to get top billing. Life is like that. Mostly, my time with the WHNC has been fun, and I’d appreciate your helping me get elected to a full term. Thanks.

Sandi Bell

I am currently a member of the council and one of the orginal founding members and want to continue in order to help maintain our excellent quality of life in West Hills. I am enthusiastic about partipating at this grassroots level of government and advocating for our stakeholders.

Michael McCue

Our Neighborhood Councils are a perfect example of the Key Value of Grassroots Democracy in action. I believe in the Key Value of Grassroots Democracy and also believe that engagement of our voters at the grassroots level is vital to the success of our democracy from the ground up. For many years I have served my Valley community by registering voters on a volunteer basis, and encouraging everyone to participate in, and become fully engaged in, our election process. At my “Becoming An Engaged Citizen” blog on AOL/PATCH, you can read much more regarding my thoughts about becoming a voter who is truly an engaged citizen. If you agree with my commitment to engage voters from our local West Hills community up to City Hall and beyond…so that our local community voices can be heard when policies are being decided…then you will, hopefully, support my candidacy for the council.

Edward Young

A West Hills resident since 1989, Ed Young has been a committed to the high quality of life West Hills offers. He has been President of the West Hills Optimist Club twice and Lt. Governor of PSWD Zone 10 (serving the Optimist Clubs of the West Valley.) He served on the Board of the Canoga Park/West Hills Chamber, President of the West Hills Property Owners Association, and most recently, Vice President of the Los Angeles City Quality and Productivity Commission. He was the Governor of the PSWD for the 2010-2010 Optimist Year.

Professionally, Ed worked for the LA County Probation Department for 43 years. Now retired, he commits much time to the improvement of his community as a volunteer. Ed served on the WHNC Board from 2005 until 2010. Reappointed in November, 2012, he is ready to be elected to a full four year term

Joanne Yvanek-Garb

Since 2007 it has been my pleasure to serve as a board member of the West Hills Neighborhood Council (WHNC). Some of my duties and accomplishments have been as follows:

• Co-Chairperson of the Government Relations Committee
• Department of Water & Power Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Representative. We then formed a Ratepayer Advocacy Committee which was instrumental in the passage of the Ratepayer Advocate Ballot Measure.
• Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition (LANCC) Representative
• Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils (VANC) Representative
• Represented the South San Fernando Valley communities as a Budget Advocate. We met with city departments and union members to come to grips with the city budget, developed a “White Paper” and presented it to the Mayor and his staff, and then presented our findings to the City Council.

I am a stay at home mother of 5 children and grandmother of 3.

Barry Seybert

Barry Seybert: Board Member of West Hills Neighborhood Council.
Budget Committee, Co-Chair: Streets and Transportation Committee, West Hills Neighborhood Council Representative on Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils. Conceived and designed the new “West Hills” signs. Persuaded New Jewish Community High School to meet with homeowners to work out traffic issues at their new facility.

Involved in the Traffic Control issue at Valley Circle and Highlander to keep the intersection safe for the community. Member: Los Angeles Bicycle Advisory Committee: plans Bike Lanes, paths, routes and works with Department of Transportation to implement them. BAC is responsible for Bike Racks on Buses, Trains, and Public Bike Racks across the City.

Prior to the Neighborhood Council System Barry served on the Woodland Hills / West Hills Planning Committee under Councilwomen Chick and Chaired her Orange Line Feasibility Study. He wrote that the Orange Line should connect to the Chatsworth MetroLink.

Michael Fred Castro 

We the people not just words but a start of a government and I would be enthusiastic to be on the neighborhood council. I’ve just recently retired after 34 yrs of service in the California Air National Guard. Born in Northridge and graduating from Cleveland High in 1977. I went on to basic training at Lackland AFB. On return to the 146 Airlift Wing at Van Nuys. The journey begins after years of growing up, I met and married my wife Edith and blessed with a son who is a grad from UCSD and a daughter which is attending Pierce College and on to CS Channel Islands. I’ve worked in the valley, as a warehouse manager and I worked and helped to open the West Hills Home Depot. I’ am currently with L.A. City Recreations and Parks. I’ve been at are current address for over 13 years.

Jacqueline Young 

Well-known for my contribution to education in English, Drama, Speech & Debate at Hale Middle School, Cleveland High School, and Chaminade College Preparatory in West Hills, I served on the Tri-Valley Speech Board, and held many positions for DTSC including Festival Host and Executive Vice President. I was awarded the Walk of Hearts bronze plaque embedded in the sidewalk on Sherman Way.
I attended Loyola, UCLA, and CSUN, earning both a BA and MA in English.
I received a Teaching credential from USC.
Ronald Reagan awarded me a Medal for my contribution to the Draft Board #101.
I was a CSUN Alumni Board Volunteer of the Year (2010.) I was appointed to the West Hills Neighborhood Council in 2007 and was re-elected. I believe in transparency and fairness and would like your support. I am proud to represent West Hills.

Bill Rose 

Hello folks, I have been a resident of the West Valley for 25 years and was a board member of West Hills Property Owners WHPOA for 10 years, in charge of Neighborhood Beautification until it was disbanded to become West Hills Neighborhood Council in 2002 and I am one of the original cofounders of which I am now a Co-Chair of the Planning and Zoning committee.

I bring not only an intimate knowledge of our neighborhoods, but also the experience of 45 years involved with planning, zoning, building and safety and residential sales. I maintain licenses as an Engineering and Building Contractor, Land Surveyor and Realtor.

Mark Sobel 

My name is Mark Sobel. I moved into my house on Schoolcraft 29 years ago as a bachelor.  I married and have raised two sons in this house. I retired from the LAUSD in June. I want to help my neighborhood remain the place where youngsters and oldsters can walk, mornings, afternoons and evenings; where children can ride bicycles, play touch football or street basketball after school and on weekends. I seek  to preserve the tree lined avenues so important to our health and the health of future generations. I desire an environment where families greet each other with cheerful, hopeful, hellos and stop to ask about ones’ life and the lives of dear ones. I long to maintain the West Hills style of life. Thank you for your time in reading this.

Daniel Wiseman 

Nahuel Costilla 

During my term I commit to defend our neighborhood’s values. I am a proponent of development in our community just as long as it is carried out in a manner consistent with the needs of our residents and will make every effort to articulate your concerns to accomplish that.
I am thrilled at the opportunity to serve my community as part of this council and hope you’ll lend me your support.

Eric Augusztiny

I became a resident in West Hills during the last economic downturn. The city was healing from the 1992 LA Riots, Malibu was recovering from the 1993 Old Topanga Fire, homes in the valley were still being repaired from the devastating 1994 Northridge Earthquake, and the aerospace industry was shuttering its doors. Our home came with a built-in low maintenance California backyard- concrete. We’re now shaded by over 20 trees planted in the last 16 years. I’ve watched our children thrive at Welby Way Charter Elementary School and even compete on El Camino Real’s Academic Decathlon team. West Hills may be measured by its environmental, educational, business, and recreational opportunities-prosperous treasures to both preserve and enjoy.

Franchon Lyons 

I would be honored to serve on the Board of Directors . I have been secretary of the Jaguar club of Los Angeles as well as an adult literacy tutor for the Los Angeles public library.  I have my masters degree in cross cultural teaching and am a long time employee at West Hills Hospital (17 years) . Through these experiences I have come to appreciate the many challenges confronting social work and education from both within and outside the profession. I also have come to believe that successfully addressing these challenges has developed creative, and mutually beneficial solutions—that simultaneously honor the unique interests of all involved.   I would welcome the opportunity to continue my service with the neighborhood council. Specifically, I would bring my thoughtful, yet optimistic approach to the role, as well as my commitment to work toward bringing together the community in developing innovative approaches.
Franchon M Lyons

Margery Brown

I was involved with West Hills as a juvenile Deputy Probation Officer for 30 years, and for the past 18 years as a Reserve DPO. I have also volunteered as a Red Cross Disaster worker in West Hills since 1988, and,for the last six years with community groups,as an environmental activist, attempting to clean up the partial nuclear meltdown at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory in Simi Valley, which has left behind cancer causing radionuclides and toxic chemicals, alarmingly close to West Hills. Dayton Canyon and the Reservoir have also been concerns. I have served on the WHNC Environment Committee, and attended many board meetings, and have commented when appropriate. I lived in West Hills for 22 years and still feel that it is my home. I am very concerned with issues of health, crime, teens, young families and senior citizens, as well as being prepared for large disasters.

Margery Brown

John Hogue

I have lived in West Hills most of my life, growing up as a child and attending School and Church here? My children are now growing up here.
My main concern as a resident and parent is to keep West Hills a safe and vibrant part of the West San Fernando Valley.
I will work hard to assist all stakeholders in the West Hills neighborhood.

Stephanie Storey

Solomon Bash

My name is Solomon Bash. I live in West Hills with my wife and two boys. I need your vote for the West Hills Neighborhood Council so I can continue to represent the interests of our residents and businesses who are concerned about reducing property crime in our area. I have worked as a security professional for over 25 years and I stand for the safety and security of all families in West Hills.

I have served on the West Hills Neighborhood Council since 2010 as the Chair of the Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Committee. We have accomplished quite a bit so far, and with your vote, I can continue this important work to keep our families safe.

Ruwan Kotuwelle

I am a sitting member of the Council. I enjoy being a part of a team that cares about our own city. The opportunity we have in representing our community in matters that affects our neighborhoods is great. I endeavor to be involved in the matters pertaining to the quality of life of people in West Hills.
I am a business owner and live in West Hills with my wife and two young children. I am a graduate in Business Management from the California State University of Northridge.

Carolyn Greenwood

Stephen Bock

Steven Garcia

I am excited to get the opportunity to serve the community that concurrently raised me. I would like to do my part to serve the West Hills community as well as contribute and discuss ideas regarding our community. West Hills is a wonderful community and engaging in localized political discourse gives the community a chance to further develop ideas that may or may not be beneficial to the community and its surrounding vicinity. I strongly feel I am capable of contributing just that if given the chance.


Shadow Ranch Rec. Center
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West Hills, CA 91307

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