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Open Board Seats 2012 – Winnetka NC

At-Large Director Seats
Term: 4 years
7 Elected Stakeholders who live, work, own property or declare a stake and affirm a factual basis for it and who are at least 18 years of age at the time of the election. Stakeholders who live, work, own property or declare a stake and affirm a factual basis for it and who are at least 16 years of age at the time of the election.

Patricia Mercado

Maria Young

My husband and I have been residents in the Winnetka area since 1992. We have 2 children;one 6th grader and the other a freshman at CSUN. Our family is of Christian faith. I have volunteered for American Youth Soccer Organization (A.Y.S.O.) as a Board Member and Coach for the U6 divisions. In these roles my priority was to ensure kids safety and instill the importance of team play. As a board member I would want to focus on programs that would strengthen family values and encourage our youth to continue their education and improve our high School drop out rates.

Victor Lerma

Bettie Ross-Blumer 

I have been a member of the Winnetka Neighborhood Council (the WNC) since November 2011, and I am running for a full 4-year term.  In May 2011, my husband and I filed an appeal to the City Planning Commission protesting T-Mobile’s plan to erect a cell tower very close to our Winnetka home where we have lived for over 12 years.  I spearheaded a campaign to educate our neighbors and gathered petition signatures against the cell tower in our residential neighborhood.  The hearing was in June 2011 and we were successful.  A Planning Commissioner suggested that I become active in my Neighborhood Council – and I did.  Currently I am the DWP Representative for the WNC as well as the Vice-Chair of the Planning & Land Use Management Committee.  I would like to continue as a councilperson as there is much to be done and I’m just getting started.

Earl Sattler 

Commander of American Legion C.P. 1959-1960

Neighborhood Commander Sunny Band School Boy Scouts 1960’s

2 years in N.C. I would like to serve again.

Mary Ellen Moreno

I am Mary Ellen Moreno. I have been a proud homeowner in Winnetka for the past 26 years. I have also worked as an elementary school teacher in Winnetka for the last 20 years. Eight of those years were served as the school’s coordinator where I had many opportunities to interact with parents and community stakeholders as a leader and active member of parent advisory and school site councils. I am a strong advocate for children and have served as a board member for 11 years for One Circle, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the community about child abuse.
My goal is to continue to be involved in my community as a board member of the Winnetka Neighborhood Council. I will advocate for changes to improve neighborhood safety, to support local businesses, and to provide learning and recreational activities for the youth of Winnetka.

Patricia Snee WITHDREW

Michael Ycaza 

I live in the Winnetka Neighborhood Council Area; I feel I could contribute to our neighborhood.

My mother has owned a home in Winnetka since 1971, our family is closely tied to neighborhood.

We have a vested interest in helping our nieghborhood, I believe I can be effective working with the city administration to have a voice in city matters.

Please allow me the opportunity to serve you.

Thank you for your support.

Greg Sullivan 

Hello, I have been working in the West Valley since 1986 and a homeowner in Winnetka since 2007.
Involved with the WNC since 2007, I want to stay involved with our community. Have taken assignments with the WNC and have been secretary for the last two years. Whatever jobs I take with the WNC, I will seek to maintain and improve upon the area in which I live, be it as secretary, Public Safety or community advocacy. I want to help keep the city accountable to us, and so if they know what our neighbors want, then they can take action. WNC needs to hold up our community issues for the city to see and to act upon accordingly. As a landscape architect, I frequently have to deal with quality of life issues with my clients and I will use these skills to help Winnetka. Kindly vote for me!

Lisa Michelle Clor 

1. I care about the world more than anyone I know – which includes Winnetka.
2. I have a B.A. in ‘Global Studies’ from U.C. Santa Barbara – 2002. I was the 1st person in my family to get a B.A. I have always been extremely passionate about public education and how it needs to be improved in specific ways: uniforms to save parents money and decrease teasing for children born into poor families, increase in life skills – like cooking, car maintenance, taxes, preventing pregnancy, creating a holographic will with info re organ donation, buying a home, buying a car, caring for a baby, other cultures around the world, knowledge of all major religions, an instrument, a 2nd language, a sport, expertise in a career path, etc.
3. I want to have low-cost or free monthly classes for the community to learn from eachother

Edwina Hollins 

Please review my qualifications so that you can see that I am the best candidate for this position. I am understanding, energetic and resourceful. Taking on unforeseen challenges is what motivates me.
I understand this position  requires a lot of hard work and dedication, with over 30 years as a  Community Activist in areas from administration to Board of Directors, I have documented evidence showing my successes.
Positive energy, results and achievements above and beyond expectation is what you will get from me.  I am open-minded to all situations and have great negotiation skills. .  Based upon my confidences, experience, and education I am confident that I can help our community exhaust all available resources and  achieve synergy that will improve the lives of everyone in need.
Thank you for your consideration!

Sarah Andrade

I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley.  I have a B.A. in psychology from UC Santa Barbara and a degree in Culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco.

I have been a business owner for the last 15 years.  I also currently work as the sales manager in my husband Daniel Andrade’s State Farm Agency in Winnetka.

I try to live by my favorite quote: “We must be the change we want to see in the world”- Ghandi.

I am currently in the youth and outreach committee.  I look forward to serving the people of Winnetka and making our community great.

Amy Renet

I have been a resident of Winnetka for 3 years. The experience I can bring comes from being a board member on charitable organizations and fundraising. My family and I foster dogs with a local animal group, enjoy walking, biking and supporting the local businesses in the area. Community involvement is important to me and I would appreciate the opportunity to work on the Winnetka Neighborhood Council.

Trevor Owen

Hello, my name is Trevor Owen and I have been living and working in the Winnetka community for over a decade. During that time I have worked as an educator for L.A.U.S.D.’s Special Education Division and as a Director of an after-school program (E-SOL) for children with special needs. This rewarding work and the love and support I have received from my wife and three wonderful boys have taught me that every worthy endeavor truly does take a village.” Therefore, I have committed myself to do my part for my neighborhood. I believe that by working together today we can build a stronger and better Winnetka; a Winnetka community that understands that diversity, community involvement, and families are the foundations of a vibrant village. Please give me the opportunity to make Winnetka an even more pleasant place to work and live. Thank you for your consideration.

Constance Kocs

As a professional, parent and local homeowner, I come to this position with a vested interest in the work of the Council. For the past ten years, I have been teaching at Pierce College and for the last five, serving on the college senate. My child attends elementary school in Winnetka. My commitment to my neighbors, families and businesses alike, is to protect and grow the best qualities of our diverse community.

Como una profesional, madre, y propietaria de una casa, vengo a esta posición con un interés en el trabajo del Consejo. Durante los últimos diez años, yo he estado enseñando en Pierce College y para los cinco últimos, sirviendo en el Senado de la Universidad. Mi hijo asiste a la escuela primaria en Winnetka. Mi compromiso con mis vecinos, familias y negocios, es proteger y cultivar las mejores calidades de nuestra comunidad diversa.


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