Seats 1-4: Owner Residential Group Directors





Seats 5-8: Rental Residential Group Directors





Seats 9-12: Business Group Directors





Seat 13: Student Director


Seat 14: Faculty or Staff Director


Seat 15: Educational Community Director
Seat 16: Non-Profit / Arts / Culture /
Recreational Community Director 
Seat 17: Faith Based Community Director


Seat 18 and 19: At-Large Directors



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Open Board Seats 2012 – Westwood NC
Seats 1-4: Owner Residential Group Directors
Term: 2 years for the 4 highest vote getters
4 Elected Stakeholders who reside in single owner-occupied dwellings or own residential property within the WWNC boundaries and who are 17 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, own property or declare a stake within the WWNC boundaries and affirm the factual basis for it and who are 17 years or older.

Scott Whittle

Scott H. Whittle is proud to have served two years on inaugural Westwood Neighborhood Council.He is a native Angeleno and longtime Westwoodian. For the past 27 years he and his wife have lived in Westwood Hills, where they have a home on Cashmere Street. A graduate of Pomona College and Christ’s College, Cambridge University, a third generation mortgage banker in Los Angeles, he now manages privately held real estate interests in his office in Westwood on Wilshire Blvd. Long active in local community affairs, he has served on the Board of local private school and is co-founder of the Los Angeles Musical Salon a nonprofit based in Westwood. His continued deep roots in Westwood and service on the Council give Scott a unique perspective on challenges facing Westwood. He remains committed to serving the Westwood Village and improving the quality of life in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Constance Boukidis

I’m a mother, homeowner, attorney, and lifelong Westwood resident, having attended Emerson, and Uni. As a Fairburn parent, I served on the FYA Board and as Co-PTA President.

As a charter and current WWNC Board Member, I have diligently advocated on behalf of my fellow homeowners and parents on issues including the Westside Subway Expansion, Wilshire Bus Lanes, parking, traffic, digital billboards, our local schools and real estate development.

I currently serve as the Chair of both WWNC and Comstock Hills HOA Land Use Committees. As the WWNC Land Use Chair, I have managed its affairs since its inception including developing our guidelines, website page and handling our monthly meetings and all related correspondence and documentation.

Fair-minded, I have sought to build consensus on our Board to serve all Westwood stakeholders. Please help me to continue as a voice of reason on our Westwood Neighborhood Council.

Stephen Resnick

I am the secretary of the Westwood Neighborhood Council. I have served in this position since the council was formed in 2010. I am also the president of the Westwood Homeowners Association. I am on the board of the Westwood Community Council.

My wife and I are Westside natives. I grew up in Santa Monica and she grew up in Westwood. Both our parents lived in Westwood and we now live on the same block where my wife grew up.

My family volunteers to help our children and our community. My wife is on the board of the Friends of Westwood Library and serves as acting treasurer. I am in my 23rd year as a volunteer with the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO). I was also a board member of the Los Angeles County Preschool Safety Task Force.

Ann Hayman

Born and raised in the City of Los Angeles, I received my undergraduate and graduate degrees at UCLA and USC. I have lived and owned property in Westwood since 1995. I am president of my homeowners association. I recently retired from a 40 year career in the public health and public policy field, where I worked in the public, non-profit, and public sector. I also taught graduate level public policy courses at USC. I currently volunteer at the West Los Angeles VA and the Simon Weisenthal Center Museum of Tolerance. I am vitally concerned with the residential and commercial aspects of life in the Westwood area, and would like to apply my work experience, education and talents as a Board member of the Westwood Neighborhood Council. Thank you for your consideration.

Carole Cohen

I would like to work with a group that wants to maintain the character of our neighborhood, so that it continues to be a desirable destination for families, as well as businesses.
My family and I have lived here for a long time and I know that my ongoing ties to this community make me a good candidate for the Neighborhood Council.

Brian Weaver

I’m already working to improve the Westwood neighborhood by working with citizens, documenting troubled areas (and reporting them to the correct administrations), and helping local citizens and business’ through direct communication, websites, and video records. let’s make Westwood a better place by addressing the day to day needs of our local people.

Marjan Jamshidi

I am proud to say that I have lived in Westwood since 2003. I received my graduate degree from USC in Chemical Engineering and currently work as a planning engineer at Phillips 66. I have been an active member of UCLA society of women engineering, recruiting UCLA students and providing student counseling to UCLA and USC students. I am also an active contributor to multiple charitable organizations such as multiple sclerosis and breast cancer. I have served as treasurer in two organizations, successfully managed the financial function of the organization while helping with fundraising events. As a concerned homeowner, I would like to utilize my experience in building a community where we can all proudly live, work, play and enjoy this beautiful neighborhood. I plan to focus on traffic in local streets and creating more community events inviting Westwood residents to join and enjoy.

Steve Reasner

Westwood is a great community that is congested and neglected. Once a destination, UCLA has been over built dorms, storefronts are vacant and parking is difficult.

Living and working in Westwood for the past 14 years, I would love to see Westwood cater to residents and help our local businesses flourish.

We have great access to all areas of the city, yet the city is not supporting our needs. I would like to see changes to transportation to support our residents and to help reduce traffic. We need to work with the city to increase parking and architecture reviews to protect the historic beauty of the area.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to representing you as we make Westwood great again.

Seats 5-8: Rental Residential
Group Directors
Term: 2 years for the 4 highest vote getters
4 Elected Stakeholders who rent their residence within the WWNC boundaries and who are 17 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, own property or declare a stake within the WWNC boundaries and affirm the factual basis for it and who are 17 years or older.

Arman Ghorbani

I have been a resident of Westwood for the past 3 years while studying neuroscience at UCLA. I am active in making a positive impact on my community. In the past, I’ve helped run UniCamp, a program that works to expose underserved children to higher education and the riches of nature. I have also started a political organization to create more awareness among students. I am involved in a medical research lab, which seeks to help those with glaucoma.
I am interested in the neighborhood council because I believe it will be another way for me to help my community. I plan to help fix the streets that desperately need repaving as well as working to come up with solutions to parking issues in the village, which affects residents and businesses. I will always make myself available to hear my neighbors concerns and opinions on what we can improve on.


Michael Stajura

I look forward to continuing my service to Westwood with a second term. As a council member for the last two years, I have worked tirelessly to improve public safety through my relationships with the LAFD, the LAPD, and the American Red Cross. Furthermore, I have helped improve relations with the Veterans Administration and UCLA through a variety of events and programs. This is on top of addressing other community-wide issues, such as our parking problems and concerns about the homeless in Westwood. With your help, I look forward to building on what we’ve started in my first two years. Together, we can help Westwood.

Jacki Murdock

I am a graduate student at UCLA studying urban planning. Planning has provided me with a unique perspective on local politics, land use decisions and public involvement. Previously, I have served as the Vice-President of a local Habitat for Humanity affiliate where we helped provide families in need with affordable housing. I have also served as an assistant planner for a metropolitan agency where I assisted the community in revitalizing their neighborhoods.
I am excited for this opportunity to be involved in the Westwood Neighborhood Council. Westwood is a wonderful community and has great potential to thrive as the Westwood Business Improvement District takes hold. My training as a planner equips me to discuss solutions to some of Westwood’s issues such as parking and walkability. I believe that my skills as a planner combined with my background in working with community organizations will be a useful asset to the Council.

Brant Feldman

As a renter in the North Village for 14 of my 20 years in Los Angeles in two different stints, I have a pretty good idea about our neighborhood and want to see it improve in the residential and commercial areas.

I would like to see various points of view on the Westwood Neighborhood Council not just of a block of candidates that are not open to what the entire community would like to see happen here. My email and if you have a question, I want to listen to you & come up with some consensus before votes are taken.

Westwood is a place for homeowners, renters, businesses & shoppers and certainly our students of UCLA who make up a lot of the cyclical population & whom have needs that have to be balanced with that of the community as well.

Thank You, Brant

Ingrid Trejo

My name is Ingrid Trejo. As a resident since 2005, I can attest that we have an incredible neighborhood and I want to share my experience and passion to invigorate our area and plan for the future.

I am currently the Director of Volunteer Services at Venice Family Clinic where I manage over 2,400 volunteers and remain active in government and legislative projects. I am also a current graduate student in the Executive Master of Public Health program at UCLA. I want to advocate for our open areas like Westwood Park and for the wonderful businesses that sustain our neighborhood.

I have an aptitude for strategy and the energy and passion to see plans through to completion. I would greatly appreciate your vote for me to serve on the Westwood Neighborhood Council.

Samuel Haws

Greetings Westwood! I am a second year at UCLA living in on-campus housing. Having lived on campus last year, I have acquired an appreciation for the qualities that make Westwood such a unique place to live, work, and do business, but I also note how it must always be improving. As a renter representative, I hope to play an active role in enhancing the quality of our community, especially in regards to improving transportation and mobility, expanding parking availability, and supporting a thriving village with more businesses that serve the needs of renters, students, UCLA faculty, office workers, and more. As a member of the USAC President’s office and SAA, I will contribute a student perspective by adding our voice to the WWNC’s discussions and decisions. My priority will be remaining attentive to the needs and desires of all Westwood residents. Thank you for considering me as your representative!

Armen Hadjimanoukian

My name is Armen Hadjimanoukian and I am a second year UCLA student majoring in Economics and International Development Studies. I am a renter living in the North Village area near UCLA, and last year I lived in Dykstra Hall. I am running for a renter seat on the Westwood Neighborhood Council because I want to work to enhance the Westwood experience for everyone: renters, students, professors, employees, neighbors, and visitors. I grew up near the Rose Bowl, and having heard stories from family members who lived near Westwood in its glory days has left me with a strong desire to help restore the vigor Westwood Village once enjoyed. Westwood is a very charming community with great restaurants, sources of entertainment, and more. New businesses including Target and 800 Degrees are excellent examples of what Westwood can become once again. I want to make Westwood thrive!

David Crew

I have been a resident of Westwood for over fifteen years. I have also been employed as a public safety officer, serving communities for over 28 years. When the Westwood Neighborhood Council came into existence; I was privileged enough to become a member of the pioneering board. Further contributing to my neighborhood and the citizenry of Los Angeles. During those first years the WWNC enjoyed many accomplishments for the community. My goal is to further my service to Westwood by serving on the board for another term. Thank you for your support!

Ryan Krebs

As a 2012 UCLA graduate, I’m intimately familiar with the Westwood community. I’ve worked with and started multiple organizations and ventures, and often meet with local business owners and entrepreneurs. I love the innovative and ever-changing environment that Westwood fosters, and consider it my home.
I worked my way through UCLA and Moorpark College, and understand the value of an education. In response to tuition increases, I advocated for fellow students at UC Regents meetings. I also discussed the impact of the local subway at a Metro meeting last spring.
I have represented California college students as a White House guest, and I currently discuss the 2012 election on Larry King Now. I will work to advocate for mass transit, improve local traffic and parking issues and fill empty storefronts by using my knowledge and connections. Feel free to contact me and discuss my ideas at

Michael Nolasco

I have been a resident of Westwood since I first came to UCLA in 2001. I grew up in South-LA, and even though I’ve studied and preached about civic engagement; this is the first time I ever get involved. I’ve worked for the City and the County, and I am convinced that real reform begins at the grass roots level.

If nothing else, I intend to do my best to get people involved in their community. These elections allow for everyone – regardless of origin and legal status, to declare a stake in the community. We have the opportunity as a Neighborhood Council to actually lobby for OUR community. If nothing else, this is something we can do. This is something we should do…

“SI se puede” – Yes we Can!

Seats 9-12: Business Group Directors
Term: 2 years for the 4 highest vote getters
4 Elected Stakeholders who own, operate or work for businesses within the WWNC boundaries and who are 17 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, own property or declare a stake within the WWNC boundaries and affirm the factual basis for it and who are 17 years or older.

Roozbeh Farahanipour 

I have been living in Westwood, a haven for Iranian exiles, since 2000.  At that time a few newly arriving fellow Iranian exiles together with myself started the US-based office of our nonprofit organization called Marze Por Gohar (Iranians for a secular republic) in Westwood.  Shortly thereafter, I began working different jobs on Westwood Blvd, known for its many Iranian vendors and store owners.  I had jobs in bookstores, distributing Iranian Yellow Pages, distributing weekly papers and even working at a flower shop.  I then spent a number of years working my way up to general manager at the area’s best known Iranian restaurant.  In 2009, I finally became the owner of my own restaurant when I bought over the business of Delphi Greek on Westwood Blvd.  Currently, I serve as the business director of the Westwood Neighborhood Council.  

Clinton Schudy


Susan Leahy

I am the manager of The Farmacy Westwood and have been in the Village for over 5 1/2 years. We have seen improvements in our area and I am willing to give my time and efforts to seeing more be done. I deal directly with the public and can pass along the thoughts of customers that I speak with as well as other business owners in the area.

Daniel Amos WITHDREW

Marcello Robinson

We need advocates with Experience who will Achieve Results and for two years on the Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council, I did.

After two years on the Hollywood Council, my results are clear—a highly successful Health Fair event to a very successful Job Fair. Equally clear is that I have the necessary experience and relationships—as the Council’s Housing Chair and the Budget Advocates Co-Chair—to ensure my tenure as a Westwood Council member will be fruitful for our stakeholders.

As council leaders, we have a duty to our stakeholders to be strong advocates for them on city-wide issues affecting their lives. As a business owner and resident of Westwood for nearly twelve years, I am eager to utilize my skills and experience to be a leader and proactive advocate for Westwood’s constituents, and, if elected, I will do just that.

My email is GO BRUINS!

Jolie Duhon

I am the General Manager of 800 Degrees Pizzeria, a popular hangout for locals and students alike. I manage a huge operation and I engage with hundreds of guests and employees every day.

I moved to California from Las Vegas in February and have not looked back since! I live nearby, so I claim Westwood as both my playground and work place.

I am an ideal candidate for a Merchant Seat on the WWNC because I want to be a part of an organization that promotes community and fellowship in our Village. If you have any questions, please stop by the restaurant and grab a delicious pizza so we can meet!

Dean Abell

I am passionate about the revival and success of Westwood Village. My family and I are the oldest merchants in Westwood, dating back to 1946. The Village should once again be a beacon for students, residents, and shoppers. Westwood was once the jewel of Southern California and there is no reason it can’t be again. With hard work, dedication, and collaboration I believe this can be achieved.

Eric Norton

As assistant to the executive director member for our local business improvement district (the Westwood Village Improvement Association or WVIA), I am keenly aware of the need for local businesses to have a voice in the community. The WVIA has taken the first steps toward a revitalized community through our efforts to make Westwood Village a clean, safe and beautiful destination. Additionally, working with local merchants everyday means understanding their needs and perspective on broader Westwood issues, including traffic, parking and development. I have also served the Westwood community as Field Deputy for City Councilmember Paul Koretz, who represents Westwood. I believe my time working within City government on your behalf and now working for the WVIA makes me uniquely qualified to serve on the Westwood Neighborhood Council as a business representative. Thank you so much for your consideration.

Seat 13: Student Director
Term: 2 years 
 1 Elected Stakeholder who is currently enrolled full-time as an undergraduate or graduate student in a university or college and who is 17 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, own property or declare a stake within the WWNC boundaries and affirm the factual basis for it and who are 17 years or older.

Angus Beverly

I am an undergraduate student at UCLA, giving me a strong connection to the village in general. As an incumbent candidate for the Westwood Neighborhood Council, I want to continue working to unite all communities of Westwood (students, renters, homeowners and businesses) and work towards improving the general quality of life for ALL. No longer should there be a slew of vacant buildings in a community that is in the heart of the popular cultural capitol of not only the United States, but the world. I want to bring in new businesses that all communities within Westwood can enjoy. As a student at UCLA, I will work dilligently towards improving the quality of life for residents of the North Village, for Westwood can have a thriving youth population without turning one of its residential communities into a student ghetto.

Seat 14: Faculty or Staff Director
Term: 2 years 
1 Elected Stakeholder who works full time as a faculty or staff member of a university or college and who is 17 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, own property or declare a stake within the WWNC boundaries and affirm the factual basis for it and who are 17 years or older.

Lisa Chapman

I am a current board member and Outreach officer of the WWNC. I have lived in Los Angeles for 28 years and have been on staff at UCLA for 26 years, currently as the Director of UCLA Coordinated Outpatient Services. I am a busy working mom with 3 kids. I am an active volunteer in the Westwood/ West LA community, at the local schools, soccer league, Dance Academy, and the WWNC.

I hope to bring the community of Westwood and UCLA together in a more cohesive and productive way.

I am truly proud of the work that this board has done and hope that we will continue to grow, improve, and be inclusive of all stakeholders.

Seat 15: Educational Community Director
Term: 2 years
1 Elected Stakeholder who must currently be a parent, teacher or administrator in the K-12 school community, public or private, within the WWNC boundaries and who is 17 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, own property or declare a stake within the WWNC boundaries and affirm the factual basis for it and who are 17 years or older.

Laura Winikow

I’m a mom, former attorney, and Treasurer and charter Board Member of the WWNC. A WLA native, I have raised my family here for the last 18 years. I am currently the Friends of Westwood Library President, Comstock Hills HOA Board member, have past served on the Fairburn Youth Association Board and have been a WLA Little League and AYSO 70 Parent for many years.

The two elementary schools are terrific and are lucky to have supportive parent bases. Emerson Middle School struggles to attract students from the Westwood feeder schools. I am hopeful that recent changes at Emerson, including the planned turf field and new music program (partly paid for by WWNC) will attract more neighborhood kids. I supported Neighborhood purpose grants to all three of these schools and am proud that WWNC prioritizes education in Westwood.

Seat 16: Non- Profit/Arts/Culture/Recreational Community Director
Term: 2 years
1  Elected Stakeholder who is a member of, or works with a non-profit, arts or cultural organization located within the WWNC boundaries and who is 17 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, own property or declare a stake within the WWNC boundaries and affirm the factual basis for it and who are 17 years or older.

Mark Rogo

I’m a proud resident of Westwood and have been living here my entire adult life, raising my family and working. The community has always struck me as a stunning gem of design and beauty, with a world-renowned campus on one end, anchored by the Playboy Mansion on the other and a quaint village and amazing museums in between. This is the only community in the area that just has it all, and I’m proud to have been a part of it.

Seat 17: Faith based Community Director
Term: 2 years
1 Elected Stakeholder who is currently a leader such as clergy, laity, staff, or volunteer in a faith based institution located within the WWNC boundaries. Stakeholders who live, work, own property or declare a stake within the WWNC boundaries and affirm the factual basis for it and who are 17 years or older.

Sarah Austerlitz

I am a member of the Westwood Village Synagogue, where I served as President for two years. I and my family have been part of this community for nineteen years. I look forward to representing all the wonderful faith based organizations in Westwood.
Our Synagogue is located on Westwood Blvd. in an historic building in the heart of the Village. Many UCLA Professors are members, as is a former chancellor. We give space to a special needs organization which helps young people integrate into society. We participated in WOMP, where I served as chair. Many of our group remember when Westwood was a fun and elegant location, and we are all interested in bringing it back to its former glory.

Seats 18 and 19: At-Large Directors
Term: 2 years for the 2 highest vote getters
 2 Elected Stakeholder who lives, works, owns property or declares a stake within the WWNC boundaries and affirms the factual basis for it and who is 17 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, own property or declare a stake within the WWNC boundaries and affirm the factual basis for it and who are 17 years or older.

Scott Tamkin

I feel like now is the opportunity to make some change here in Westwood. We live in amazing times in an amazing patch of the world and we can make it even better! I am proud to be a third generation resident. My wife of 17 years and I are raising 3 wonderful children in Westwood and we love the neighborhood. We also work here- we are long-time Realtors and have a vested interest in the welfare of the area. I look forward to adding my voice, knowledge and insights to our critical Neighborhood Council for the well-being of Westwood. Thank you for your consideration.

Sander Romick

I am a full time resident of Westwood and believe in supporting it’s businesses. I have sat on the board and been president of the HOA where we previously lived therefore think this experience will help bring expertise to the board.

Jerome “Jerry” Brown

My wife Sandy and I have been homeowners in Westwood for 41 years, and our 3 children were raised here. I was a member of the UCLA Medical Center clinical faculty for 25 years, and have served as President of the first Board of the Westwood Neighborhood Council since it was seated in 2010. I am President of my condominium homeowner association, and Treasurer of the Westwood Community Council.Our Westwood Neighborhood Council Board has performed diligently and with great integrity since it was seated, and I urge you to vote for me and those Board members and other candidates on the Team Westwood slate in this 2012 election. We share the vision of Westwood as a preeminent residential, business, educational, and cultural center in Los Angeles and desire to use the influence and strength of the Westwood Neighborhood Council to maintain that status for Westwood.

Mark Herd

My name is Mark Matthew Herd and I moved toWestwood in 1969.  I attended Fairburn, Emerson, Uni and Harvard-Westlake.  I graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Economics.  I am a founding boardmember of the Westwood Neighborhood Council, former boardmember of the Westwood Homeowners Association, and former President (3 times) of the Park Ashton Homeowners Association.  I enjoy serving the community and hope you can support  Team Westwoodand I on  Oct 28 at the Westwood Rec Center.


Westwood Recreation Center
1350 S. Sepulveda Blvd.
Los Angeles, 90025
Polling Hours:
9 am to 3 pm

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