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Welcome Neighborhood Council Board Members

Neighborhood Council Board Members, both elected and appointed, are required to do three things in order to vote on issues that come before the council: take Ethics Training, take Funding Training, and sign a Code-of-Conduct Certificate.

EmpowerLA tracks the compliance on these three items and posts the results of the Ethics and Funding Training on the EmpowerLA website so that the public and the board can see who is eligible to vote.

Visit and select your council to see a page that has information on your council, including the location of your meetings, your bylaws and maps, and a roster of Boardmembers with their contact email and their training status. Please take a look and verify the accuracy of this information, emailing with any updates or corrections.

New Board Members

For new Board Members that have yet to be updated on the NC EmpowerLA Page Board Roster, please make sure to email and CC your officers. The new Board Member will then have the information updated on the EmpowerLA NC page roster. Please make sure to have completed your trainings, so that it can updated at once when you are added to the NC EmpowerLA Page Board Roster.

Board Member Certification Requirements

The Ethics Training is required by State Law, the Funding Training is a requirement in order to handle public funds, and the Code of Conduct is a Commission policy that was recently amended on January 12, 2015 to allow board members to take a training in lieu of signing the Code of Conduct and to extend the deadline to comply with the policy to April 3, 2015.

Ethics Certification

To take your Ethics Training, visit the Fair Political Practices Commission and login by entering your email and creating a password. You will be prompted through a 2 hour tutorial with some quizzes, concluding with a certificate which is emailed to you. Email this Ethics Certificate to and send a copy to your Neighborhood Council President or Secretary so they can also update their records. EmpowerLA will update the rosters three times a week and you will receive an acknowledgement and a confirmation.

Please note that if you are taking the Ethics training online, your completion certificate must show at least 2 hours of training, or it is not acceptable under state law. The Department is adopting a policy that any Board Member with a current Ethics certificate that does not show 2 hours of training must retake the training and provide a new certificate. You will not be able to vote on funding items (or any items depending on the Neighborhood Council bylaws) until you do so. This policy is prospective so it will not negate any votes already taken by Board Members with an invalid Ethics certificate.

Funding Certification

To take your Funding Training, visit the EmpowerLA Home page and select Self Service (bottom Right) where they can choose between Treasurer’s Training or the Boardmember Training, and then watch the video and complete this online form. You will receive an email receipt – please keep this receipt as a record of completion. In addition, please send a copy of your receipt with your score of 70% or above to your Field Representative. You can also send the email receipt to your Neighborhood Council President or Secretary so they can also update their records.

Code of Conduct Certification

To complete the Code of Conduct Form, Board Members simply visit the EmpowerLA home page, select Self Service (bottom Right) and read the document or watch a video. You need to fill out an online and your record will be updated. You will receive an email receipt but there is no need to contact You can send the email receipt to your Neighborhood Council President or Secretary so they can also update their records.