GM’s Message 04.14.17

I had a great time with my dog, Groot, at the Glassell Park Neighborhood Council’s Dog Walk on Saturday. They had nearly 1500 attend from all over Los Angeles and gathered several hundred signatures to support a future dog park in Glassell Park.  When we finished with the walk, we headed over to the awesome Hermon Dog Park for a quick run after stopping by the forming Hermon Neighborhood Council subdivision election.  There were 496 voters with 310 yes votes for subdivision and 186 no votes for subdivision. With no election challenges filed, we will be forwarding the Hermon Neighborhood Council subdivision application for the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners for final approval. Congratulations to Hermon Neighborhood Council!  Election challenges were filed for the Skid Row Neighborhood Council so that election result will not be finalized until the challenges are resolved. HUGE thanks to our subdivision elections team, led by Stephen Box and Mike Fong, for running these challenging election and to our forming committees and Neighborhood Councils for bringing in the voters!

This week has been focused again on training our new Neighborhood Empowerment Advocates in Neighborhood Council operations before sending them out to shadow staff in the field.  I was also happy to introduce NEA Vanessa Serano last night to the Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils where they tackled the long time issue of the equity of the Neighborhood Council annual funding allocation being the same for every Council despite the size of the Council.  They voted to have a citywide group of Neighborhood Council members review the issue and come back with recommendations.

Today, I was happy to host the very important PerformLA Apprentice Level training for our new folks as well as staffers from the City Cerk’s Office and the cities of Manhattan Beach, Burbank and Irvine.  Much appreciation to Personnel’s Raelynn Napper for conducting this wonderful process improvement and innovation workshop! I love this training and think it is crucial knowledge for all government staff.

We’ve got some great Neighborhood Council events coming up. The Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates are meeting tomorrow. The West Hills Neighborhood Council has a Spring Festival event. Empowerment Congress North Neighborhood Council is hosting their Spring into Wellness Event. Sunland Tujunga Neighborhood Council is holding a Candidate Forum for Council District 7

next week. Don’t forget, too, that the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners will be meeting on Monday at City Hall at 1pm and that the Mayor’s Homelessness Civic University starts that evening.
Thanks as always to all of our Neighborhood Councils for continuing to do the awesome work that they do for their communities!  Have a super weekend!
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