GM’s Message 7.14.17

I hope our newsletter finds you well.  Many thanks to our great Field Team for not only providing meeting support at Neighborhood Council meetings, but for also getting out to the community with Neighborhood Councils to conduct Neighborhood Council 101 workshops to stakeholders.  We usually add another component of education, such as Know Your Rights, advocacy, etc., to the workshops.  Check out Neighborhood Empowerment Advocate, John Darnell, and Silver Lake Neighborhood Council’s great joint workshop on Tenant’s Rights.   John and Neighborhood Councils were also featured in the Larchmont Buzz!

To assist Neighborhood Councils with refining their community outreach, we’ll be offering workshops this month on how to work with census information starting tomorrow in the Valley.  Check out our EmpowerLA Calendar for dates and locations.

Speaking of Echo Park Neighborhood Council, they along with Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council, Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council, Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council, LA 32 Neighborhood Council, Greater Cypress Park Neighborhood Council, Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council and Elysian Valley Riverside Neighborhood Council received their 15th year anniversary certificate at the special Board of Neighborhood Commissioners meeting this week. We’re looking forward to sharing the Neighborhood Councils great work these past 15 years in the City Hall bridge presentation for September so make sure you are submitting your projects.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting back in the field this week to see our Neighborhood Councils in action this week, attending Northwest San Pedro and Central San Pedro’s Neighborhood Councils meetings this week.  It reminded again how inspirational our board members are in their time and investment to make their Neighborhood Councils work for their communities.  Thank you all for continuing to make the Neighborhood Council system amazing!

Don’t forget that the Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance is holding their forum on Getting to 100% Renewable Energy in LA tomorrow afternoon.  The Board of Neighborhood Commissioners will be meeting on Monday.  There are 2 vacancies on the Commission – North Valley and Harbor – so if you’re interested in serving, please contact us at

Have a great weekend and keep cool!

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