News from Field Operations 8.22.14

I hope our newsletter finds you well and that you are getting ready for a nice, relaxing weekend..

The last couple of weeks the Neighborhood Empowerment Advocates (NEAs) have been working to assist you with issues regarding funding and trying to make the transition to the checking account, and the new requirement and paperwork as easy as possible. Please know that you NEA can be a resource in this area and if we are not able to answer questions regarding the subject matter directly, we can certainly help follow up. NEAs will also be following up with your regarding your budget packets. We are starting to analyze data that shows who has submitted their budget packets and who may need a reminder. Please respond and follow up with field staff if and when you hear from them regarding your budget packet. Also, thank you to those Neighborhood Councils who have submitted their updated board rosters to rosters@empowerla.org. As of today, we have 22 outstanding board rosters that need to be submitted to the Department.

I’d like to remind you once again that the Bylaws moratorium was lifted July 1, 2014 and it will go back into effect April 2015. Please take advantage of this window of opportunity to get your bylaws amended now. Please do not wait till the last minute to submit your bylaw adjustment application as it may not be as easy to complete in a timely manner if the amendment involves our Board of Neighborhood Commissioners. Bylaw adjustment requiring board structure changes, must be scheduled with the Commission. Please talk to your NEA and let him or her know where you need assistance with your bylaws.

The NEAs have also been busy conducting board retreats for various NC boards. A board retreat can be described as a tailored training to meet your NC needs. Before and during a board retreat, we look at possible areas that the board may need to further develop. A board retreat aims to address board dynamic issues as well and provides some tools so that boards can deal with issues before they become problematic and detrimental to their overall health and functioning. During the board retreat, we also engage in work plan, strategic plan, visioning and goal setting and development so that you can create a collective agenda and know how to identify and execute on your goals and objectives. After the board retreat, we continue to follow up with the board on various issues and continue to identify and address problem areas that need clarification and/or further development. For more information and or assistance and to request a board retreat, please contact your NEA.

While in the subject of training, please save the date for the next Open Government and Funding training provided by the Office of the City Attorney and the good folks in our funding team. The next training is scheduled for September 4, 2014 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Westchester Municipal Building Community Room – 7166 Manchester Avenue, Westchester, Ca 90045. There will also be a session conducted on Funding and an overview and the checking account system as well as questions and answers.

On 8/28/14, we will be collaborating with the Alliance of River Communities (ARC) and the Office of the City Attorney, to bring you our first NC Board Leadership Development Series. The training will take place at Glassell Park Senior Citizen Center ( 3750 Verdugo Road, Los Angeles, CA 90065) from 6:30 p.m to 9:00 p.m. Please arrive at 6:00 p.m in order to register and rsvp to Lisette Covarrubias at (818) 374-9890 or via e-mail at Lisette.covarrubias@lacity.org.

Please continue sending your agendas for review and posting to NCSupport@lacity.org. Please be reminded that we review your agendas for proper content that is in line with guidelines and laws governing neighborhood councils. Your agenda should come in pdf format to NC Support and should also be in its final format, barring any edits and or feedback we provide, and thus should be free of misspellings such as your NCs name and/or committee name, etc. Once we receive your agenda, we do our best to post it on the Early Notification System as soon as possible.

We have been enjoying our partnership with the International Visitors Council of Los Angeles. This coming week, we will be hosting a delegation from Africa who will visit us to discuss civic engagement and our NC system. In September, we will be hosting a delegation from Afghanistan, a visit that I am sure will be most interesting and memorable. None of this would be possible without the working relationship that we have with IVCLA. We thank IVCLA for our collaboration and the trust they impart in us by sending us these international visitors. It is truly a pleasure for all of us involved to receive, inform and learn from all these amazing leaders worldwide.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (213) 978-1551 or via NCSupport@lacity.org.

Have a fantastic weekend!


Leyla Campos
Director of Field Operations

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