Learn what comes next for newly elected Neighborhood Council Board Members.

Three days after an election, the preliminary results will be posted on your Neighborhood Council’s Election page at EmpowerLA.org and will be updated with the Final Official Canvass of Votes when the election is certified.

There are THREE days to resolve provisional ballots. For provisional voters, all documentation will need to be submitted three days after the Election Day by 5pm.

There are FIVE days total to file a challenge. Those who wish to file a challenge will have until the fifth day at 5pm.

Recounts of ballots will be conducted by request only: Any stakeholder who meets the criteria listed below may request in writing a recount for a specific contest or for the entire election for a Neighborhood Council election within THREE (3) calendar days after the election. For a recount request to be accepted for action: 1. The number of votes separating the candidates in question must be 10% or less of the total votes cast in that specific contest, and; 2. The stakeholder(s) filing the request must have voted in the election in question and must provide the same stakeholder status verification required of voters in the election.

If there are no unresolved provisional votes, recounts, or challenges, the election will be CERTIFIED.

After the election is certified, the next regular meeting of the new Board must occur within 30 days of the Election. At that first meeting, the new Board will be seated, the Officers of the Board will be Selected, and there will be a 60-90 minute EmpowerLA Orientation and new Board Members will be given special pins.

As a reminder, in order for board members to vote on funding matters and to fully participate in all agenda items, they must complete the funding training and the ethics training. New board members will want to complete the trainings at your convenience, and before the first meeting where they are seated as a board member.

The trainings are posted here https://empowerla.org/self-serve/. The funding training is also offered by EmpowerLA around LA, for an in-person training: https://empowerla.org/funding-workshops/. When finished, make multiple copies of your training completion certifications for your NC secretary, EmpowerLA, and yourself.

Board members will also need to agree to the code of conduct. When finished, make multiple copies of your training completion certifications for your NC secretary, EmpowerLA, and yourself.

Any returning board members will want to review their past training to determine if they need to retake any (expired) training.

It’s also helpful to have read the bylaws and standing rules of the NC. They are the guidebook to how an NC does business. The bylaws can be found on your Neighborhood Council’s EmpowerLA website.

As always, with any questions please email elections@empowerla.org and/or call (818) 293-VOTE.