The Funding Equity Working Group met on the evening of Wednesday, March 14. Thank you also to the Office of City Clerk and City Attorney’s office for their participation. There was a robust discussion on various funding concept proposals. There were at least seven funding proposals presented at this meeting. Thank you to Brian Allen, Harvey Goldberg, Tony Wilkinson, Lynda Valencia, John DiGregorio, Emily Kantrim, and Kathy Guyon for your proposals. Thank you to the committee members and members of the public for your insightful comments. A motion was also passed for the concept of a base (floor) funding along with the concept of population as a criterion for the development of an equity funding proposal. The funding equity work group also appointed John DiGregorio to the work group as a representative for Region 1. Congratulations, John!
The next meeting is on Tuesday, March 27 at 6:30 pm at the Peck Park Recreation Center auditorium located at 560 South Western Avenue in San Pedro.  Thank you to the boardmembers and stakeholders of various Neighborhood Councils for your participation in the Neighborhood Council Funding Equity Work Group.