Celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend by getting Mom a new friend that will love her almost as much as you do!

Pet adoption fees are discounted up to 50% at all LA City Animal Shelters from Friday May 10th – Sunday May 12th:

  • Rabbits……$57.50
  • Cats………..No Fee
  • Kittens……..$25.00
  • Dogs……….$51.00 (+ $20 license if applicable)
  • Puppies……$75.00

Adult kitty adoptions are always free, thanks to ASPCA’s generous grant to LA Animal Services! Please note that there may be an additional fee that applies for animals that cannot be spayed or neutered at the time of adoption (which is normally a requirement for animals adopted from LA City shelters) but which are otherwise in good health and able to go home with you right away.

Shelters are located in all parts of the city – for addresses and hours, please visit http://www.laanimalservices.com/shelters/