I hope our newsletter finds you well.  I’m super excited to share that our Neighborhood Council bridge display will open next Friday on September 1st, for the entire month.  Many thanks to those Neighborhood Councils who sent in their accomplishments and pictures so that we can share the Neighborhood Councils accomplishments.  Even more exciting is that Mayor Eric Garcetti and City Council will be proclaiming the month of September as Civic Engagement Month on Friday to recognize the Neighborhood Councils and all of the City’s civic engagement efforts.  City Council will also be honoring our EmpowerLA Award winners from last year during the presentation.  The festivities will be starting at 9:30 am on the bridge so please come by to celebrate Neighborhood Councils with us!  It’ll be a great pre-event to the Congress of Neighborhoods the following Saturday, September 9, 2017.  If you haven’t already registered, please do so now.

The Board of Neighborhood Commissioners met on Monday and introduced new language for a change to the Neighborhood Council subdivision process.  They will be reviewing the changes and asking Neighborhood Councils for feedback.  Please send any comments to Commission@empowerla.org.  We will be completing our report back to City Council on the subdivision process as well so look for that in the next few weeks.  

On Tuesday, the Health, Education and Neighborhood Council Committee took action to move the Neighborhood Council elections from 2018-2019 and to have the City Clerk continue reviewing and improving online voting/voter registration this fiscal year.  The Committee issued a series of instructions to prepare for the 2019 elections, but also offered the option of selection for those Neighborhood Councils that want to go through a type of election in 2018.  These instructions for Council File 15-1022-S2 will go to City Council for a final vote on September 6th. The HENC also approved the North Valley Commissioner, Shooshig Susan Avakian, and the Harbor Commissioner, Raymond Regalado, for the Board of Neighborhood Commissions. They are expected to be confirmed by City Council next Friday.

The CAO has released for the Neighborhood Councils’ review the 2017-18 Appropriation Limit Report for the Gann Initiative, which limits the amount of revenue which can be appropriated in any fiscal year.  The Council File associated with this report is for the budget CF 17-0600 and, per Section 7910 of the Government Code, is provided to the public for review at least 15 days before adopting the appropriations limit.

Don’t forget the Neighborhood Council Emergency Preparedness Alliance meets tomorrow and the Congress of Neighborhoods Planning Committee meets on Sunday.  The Neighborhood Council Homelessness Liaisons will be meeting next Wednesday evening at the Deaton Civic Auditorium.

Have a wonderful weekend!