Have you updated your Neighborhood Council website so that it is easy for stakeholders to find Election information? If not, you should work on that easy strategy.

The first button on your Neighborhood Council page should be to lead your stakeholders to the exclusive EmpowerLA Election page for YOUR Neighborhood Council. And…hyperlink the ELECTIONS icon to that URL. 

In order to get EmpowerLA Elections PNG image, please click on this URL, then save as PNG:

The next button on your website should be for Voter Registration. In order to get EmpowerLA Voter Registration Portal PNG image, please use URL, then save as PNG:

NC Election Page

See the Step 5 in the image shared above to help you hyperlink the Voter Registration directly to your very own Neighborhood Council’s Voter Registration’s portal.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments please email Elections@EmpowerLA.org 818-293-VOTE (8683).