The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) has received applications from 11 dockless mobility companies to operate in the City of Los Angeles. The applications represent permission to operate 37,670 dockless bikes, electric bikes, and scooters.

In order to operate in Los Angeles, dockless mobility companies must meet a number of Council-directed requirements, including insurance, liability, an equity plan, and a community engagement plan. The full application can be found here.

Most significantly, LADOT requires dockless mobility providers to conform to the Mobility Data Specification (MDS). MDS creates a consistent way of receiving and sharing information in real-time with dockless mobility service providers to ensure compliance with the City of Los Angeles’ dockless mobility regulations. LADOT plans to collect the following information:

  • Vehicle type
  • Trip duration
  • Trip distance
  • Trip origin
  • Trip destination
  • Trip route (partial)
  • Trip start time
  • Trip end time
  • Trip cost
  • Trip parking verification
  • Time vehicle became unavailable
  • Whether it was parked by a user or by staff for re-balance or charge
  • Reason for staff pick up (maintenance, re-balance, etc.)

As a measure of extra precaution, LADOT has established that it will treat all data collected from mobility providers as Confidential and will adhere to the City of Los Angeles’ Data Information Handling Guidelines. LADOT will not collect any personally identifiable information. LADOT will collect this information to manage the movement of vehicles in the public realm. This is part of LADOT’s responsibility to promote safety, relieve congestion, and improve quality of life for the people of Los Angeles.

People in Los Angeles may submit service requests to 311. Operators must set up integration with the MyLA311 Application Programming Interface (API) before they receive their permit. The MyLA311 API pushes complaint information to operators in real time. Operators are responsible for closing out complaint information and must share the status of the service request.

For more information on LADOT’s MDS, visit

LADOT leads transportation planning, project delivery, and operations in the City of Los Angeles. We work together and collaborate to deliver a safe, livable, and well-run transportation system in the city and region.  Our vision is for all people in Los Angeles to have access to safe and affordable transportation choices that treat everyone with dignity and support vibrant, inclusive communities.