If your Neighborhood Council has an online election coming up on June 11th or 18th, you still have time to book Pop-Up Polls to help increase voting opportunities for your stakeholders! Call us immediately at (818) 293-VOTE (8683) to make your request.

What makes a good Pop-Up Poll location?

These mobile voting stations are most effective in places where 25 or more voters may be signed up. Election events are always great places to have a Pop-Up Poll, but there are other places where you’re likely to attract voters in quantities. Local farmers’ markets, transit hubs, or shopping centers tend to get a lot of pedestrian traffic. Pop-Up Polls are also an excellent way to bring the Election to populations that can’t easily get out to the polls on Election Day, such as residents at an assisted living facility.

Stakeholders of any Council with an online election that is currently open may vote at any Pop-Up Poll location, even if the Pop-Up is within the boundaries of another Council. Because of this, any Pop-Up Poll that is being held between now and your own Council’s Election Day is another chance for your voters to vote! Upcoming Pop-Up Polls are listed on the page linked below as they are booked – make sure to check this page often, and share upcoming event times and locations with your stakeholders: https://empowerla.org/popuppolls.