Make Music LA brings together schools, libraries, businesses, public spaces, institutions, stakeholders and visitors.

MMLA 4-2015

Make Music LA is a unique opportunity for EVERYONE in the neighborhood to participate in the celebration of the Summer Solstice.

All 88 cities of Los Angeles County are invited to participate. A few new cities to Make Music LA this year are Beverly Hills, Compton and Burbank. Friends of the Los Angeles River are also participating this year for the first time.

Registration is Free and open to all
Participation is Free and open to all
Concerts are Free and open to all

Make Music LA is an ideal Outreach opportunity for neighborhoods.

The idea of Make Music LA is for communities to come together to share together the arts.

MMLA 4-2015b

Metro as a partner of MMLA has an incentive program for businesses a destination discount program that drives traffic to the business and also places the business in their publications that reach commuters through social media and Metro’s web page. Imagine free publicity for Metro riders to see the business.

Neighborhood concerts offer stakeholders and their families a unique opportunity to have fun! As a Neighborhood Council you can take this opportunity to meet stakeholders by having your collateral materials for them to pick up and learn more about the work you do in the community and to find out what interests them and perhaps how you can help them.

In many areas of the city there are children and their families who do not have an opportunity to enjoy live music, a theatre performance or together time for relaxation outdoors in a public space. MMLA provides

MMLA 4-2015c

Why Make Music LA?

Because music…

  • Helps communities share ideas and values among cultures and generations
  • Is a disciplined human endeavor with intrinsic value to society
  • The arts are essential to the health and vitality of our communities

The arts enhance community development, spur urban renewal, attract new business draw tourism dollars and create an environment that creates growth.