NationBuilder is a community building platform, a powerful digital tool that allows Neighborhood Councils to engage their communities by:

  • Accessing and Managing Voter Registration Data
  • Managing Neighborhood Council Contact Data
  • Creating Newsletters for Specific Audiences
  • Creating email blasts with Surveys and RSVPs
  • Tracking and Managing Social Media Activity

EmpowerLA has a master account with NationBuilder and has created a Nation for each of the 96 Neighborhood Councils that are ready to operate by:

  • Establishing three Administrators for the account
  • Importing the Voter Registration Data
  • Importing the Council Stakeholder Data
  • Creating Newsletter Template with Surveys
  • Creating Event and RSVP Strategy

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In addition to sending emails, NationBuilder also comes with a number of other features such as volunteer sign-ups, calendar, suggestion box, recruiting, and more.

EmpowerLA is responsible for the base cost of the 96 Nations and will work with each council to set up their Admins, load their data (email list collected from stakeholders), and guide them as they engage their communities and manage their social media.

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HOW – TOs:

How to Log In:

  1. The default admins set up for the Neighborhood Council NationBuilder account are the President, Election and Outreach Chairs. If you have any questions please email or call (213) 978-1551 for assistance on NationBuilder.
  2. To sign in go to (where xxNC is your Neighborhood Council acronym).
  3. Move your mouse towards the right side of the screen and sign in with email.

How to Add Admins:

  1. Sign in to the Neighborhood Council NationBuilder account (i.e.
  2. Click on People located on the top left of the screen
  3. Click on +New person
  4. Fill the information of the admin: First name, Last name, email and phone number
  5. On the right side, click on Permission Set and select Admin
  6. Click on the yellow button; Add Person
  7. At the top, click on the person’s name
  8. Click on Password and set up a generic password for the new admin

Setting Up Communicators:

  1. Sign in to the Neighborhood Council NationBuilder account (i.e.
  2. Hover over Communication and click on +Add new broadcaster
  3. Type the name and email of the committee or spokesperson who will be sending out the message
  4. Once the information has been provided click on Create Broadcaster
  5. Now you are ready to send out an email blast from the broadcaster that has been set up

Sending an Email Blast

  1. Sign in to the Neighborhood Council NationBuilder account (i.e.
  2. Hover over Communication and click on the Broadcaster
  3. Just below the Neighborhood Council broadcaster information click on Email
  4. Below the Email, there are three options. Select New Blast located on the left, below Dashboard.
  5. Under Slug, write the title of the email blast and write a short description, and then click on Create and edit email blast
  6. Under Send to, select Supporters (people who have opted in), then under matching, select tags when focusing on an audience. Click on Save and select theme or Save recipients (if you have a theme set)
  7. Choose your theme
  8. In the Body, put your Subject line and write your message in the text box. Then click on Save and preview.
  9. Send a test to yourself by lling in your email and clicking on Send Test Email button located on the bottom right
  10. When you are ready to send the email blast click on Send Email now in yellow located at the bottom left


Is our Neighbohood Council NationBuilder account still frozen? No, the Neighborhood Council nations are no longer frozen, you may now send email blasts via NationBuilder

What happened to all the vote registration data? The voter registration data is still exists in Neighborhood Council NatioBuilder accounts, however you can no longer send them emails. Instead, their physical address is available for sending mail.

For more information and self training videos on NationBuilder please go to