On September 16, 2015, the City Council approved the report from Rules, Elections, Intergovernmental Relations, and Neighborhoods Committee for Council File Nos. 15-0389 and 15-0524. In this report are recommendations for updates to the Council File Management system. The Department of Neighborhood Empowerment worked with the Office of the City Clerk to make it easier to submit Community Impact Statements (CIS) and to track Council Files, particularly when there are new sub-file numbers added to a Council File.

Neighborhood Councils will now receive notifications to the entire board of their CIS details when it is filed with the City Clerk’s system by their board members.

On the updated submission screen, Neighborhood Councils can now enter their board vote count on the CIS instead of waiting to upload approved minutes. They will be provided a 2000 character or approximately 300 word limit for the text of their CIS and can also upload two additional documents if necessary. This can be a letter from the Neighborhood Council further explaining their position if there are other options they would like explored.

If a CIS is directed at the City Council and Committees, Neighborhood Councils will now have to put in the Council File number. The person submitting will then be automatically signed up to follow this Council File, including notification of any sub-files that are added in the future.

Every Neighborhood Council can have up to five board members registered to submit board approved CIS for their Neighborhood Council. Please contact NCSupport@lacity.org if you have any questions or need to make changes to your CIS registration.

Many thanks to City Council and to City Clerk Holly Wolcott and her team for these great changes!