“Open data” is information that is available to everyone free of charge. On Friday, March 2nd, EmpowerLA teams up with Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Data Team and the USC Price Center for Social Innovation to present Open Data Day LA – a hands-on training on how to access data made available by the City of LA, and how to use it to create meaningful change in your community.

Training is free of charge, and computers are provided, but you must RSVP via this link: http://tiny.cc/OpenData2018.

Open Data Day LA time and location are as follows:

Friday, March 2nd / 9:30 – 11 AM
USC Price Center for Social Innovation
635 Downey Way
Los Angeles, CA 90089-3331

The class will be held in the computer lab, located on VPD Lower Level of the Price Center.

The City’s DataLA portal: Where Neighborhood Councils can find & use open data

Whether you’re able to join the Open Data Day training or not, you and your Neighborhood Council will definitely benefit from using the City’s Open Data Portal at http://data.lacity.org. There you will find hundreds of sets of data on everything from building permits, to immigration, to public money flow. The datasets are presented in easy-to-read visualizations such as charts and graphs. To search the portal, visit https://data.lacity.org/ and scroll down to where it says, “Find the data useful for you.”

There are dozens of ways Neighborhood Councils may use the data and data visualizations available through the Open Data Portal. You can research where your Neighborhood Council’s next Neighborhood Purpose Grant should be applied, for example, or find facts and figures to supplement your Community Impact Statements.

bar graph graphic via SimpleIcon.com