Canoga Park Neighborhood Council shot a very engaging series of videos from their local EmpowerLA bus bench to promote their recent Elections, and you can follow their lead by making an Election video series of your own. Some of the Canoga Park videos – like this one on their Facebook page – had signage showing election details. Others were simpler, showing a stakeholder stating the Election date, hours and location. One stakeholder even did a yoga pose for their video!

Videos like these can be shot in one or two takes with a smartphone, and then immediately shared to social media accounts. Most Councils have an EmpowerLA bus bench in their area and/or a Neighborhood Council Elections bus shelter at a major intersection in their area.

You can take this idea to the next level by shooting promo videos and photos like these at local landmarks, as this creates imagery that resonates with locals. (Make sure you ask for permission to shoot, if the landmark isn’t a public place!)

TIPS: Shorter videos tend to get more views. However, don’t skimp on including pertinent details, like the name of your Council and the day of the week, date, time, and location of your elections. You can shoot these in different languages common in your area and feature locals from different walks of life in order to connect with as broad a group of stakeholders as possible.