Our mobile voting stations have been bringing the polls to the people with excellent results! Harbor Gateway North Neighborhood Council Election Chair Nancy Trojan wrote to tell us they’d had a very successful Pop-Up Poll at a local Metro Park N Ride last week, where 73 voters were registered.

We love hearing your Pop-Up Poll success stories, and want to share them! Submit your photos and stories via this online form, for inclusion in a future Elections newsletter. Stories about good voter registration numbers are always welcome, but we’d also love to hear if you had a Pop-Up Poll that reached a voter demographic that had never heard of the Neighborhood Council system, or who would have been unable to vote online or at the official polls otherwise. We’d also love to see photos of your Pop-Up Poll events (please don’t take photos of people while they are actually voting). And if you’ve found that a certain type of location lends itself well to Pop-Up Polls, be sure to let us know, so we can share that with other Neighborhood Councils who are trying to decide how to plan theirs.