By Lucas Lu and Adriana Cho

Our time working at EmpowerLA for the past couple months has really been an amazing growing and learning experience. Not only did we learn everything about Neighborhood Councils, but we also learned the value of creating and completing our own project. We started from not even knowing there were Neighborhood Councils to encouraging others to run for their Council, vote, and volunteer at their Elections this season. These Councils provide people the opportunity to make a real difference in their community in the ways that matter to them. This experience for us has sparked a greater passion for civic engagement and taught us to really appreciate the importance of departments like EmpowerLA.

Thank you to everyone who read our articles and shared them. And also a big thank you to the people at EmpowerLA who taught us everything there is to know about Neighborhood Councils and the power of social media! We are so grateful we had the opportunity to work at the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment and will continue to talk about and be involved in Neighborhood Councils even after we leave.

This article is the final, seventh article of a series by Lucas Lu and Adriana Cho, EmpowerLA interns from #TeamUCLA.