Neighborhood Councils must have Board approval for all expenses, including election outreach expenses. This approval must be specific, not simply a general consensus that funds can be spend on outreach or elections or community events.

Neighborhood Councils must act now to put a specific Election Outreach Plan, including vendor names and dollar amounts, in front of the Broad and the Plan must be approved by the Board with a vote-count form completed in order to spend council funds on the outreach items.

Two things need to happen ASAP:

  1. Draft an Elections Outreach Plan with great specificity including vendor names and dollar amounts
  2. Get it approved ASAP, calling a special meeting if necessary in order to ensure that your commercials run, your radio spots air, your mailers get mailed, your print collateral gets distributed, your events take place, and your Neighborhood Council Elections are a great success.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please call 818-293-VOTE or email