Did you register to vote online, but haven’t yet received a username and PIN to use to log into the voting system? There are three possible explanations :

1) Your registration was incomplete; 2) your registration is complete but not yet processed; or 3) your registration was completed but your login confirmation went into your spam folder.

  1. If your registration is not yet complete, you will receive a notification about what’s needed to complete it, if you included your email address on your registration. (For example, perhaps you needed to submit a photo ID or other documents to prove eligibility.) Search your inbox and spam folder for an email with the subject line, “Online Voter Registration | NC Elections” and follow the instructions in that email to turn in copies of your missing document(s). If you don’t see an email like that but know that you hadn’t submitted an ID or other documents along with your registration, or if you have questions about how to submit documents or what to send, email us at elections@empowerla.org, or give us a call at (818) 293-VOTE (8683) so we may help you.
  2. Your registration may be complete but it may not have been processed yet, as that can take a few business days. If you registered online and a few days have passed without hearing anything, write to elections@empowerla.org or call (818) 293-VOTE (8683), and we will help you track down the status of your voter application.
  3. The third possibility is that your username and PIN were issued already, but the email containing your login information went into your spam folder. Please search both your spam folder and regular inbox for an email from Everyone Counts (which is our online elections vendor.) The subject line of that email should say, “Online Voting Information” , and the sender will be helpdesk@everyonecounts.com. If you think you should have already received your voter credentials but don’t see them, please email helpdesk@everyonecounts.com with your full name as well as the name of your Neighborhood Council, and let them know you haven’t gotten credentials yet. You may also telephone Everyone Counts at (888) 492-4763. 

Not sure which of these situations applies to you, or need help with other voter registration questions? Please give us a call at (818) 293-VOTE (8683) or email us at elections@empowerla.org so we may assist you. If your registration was incomplete or you didn’t receive your login information, you are also welcome to simply come to the polls on Election Day, and we will help you get registered on the spot, so you may cast your ballot right away.