City Hall Rally to end Homelessness

City Council President Herb Wesson turned Angelenos and electeds out on the south lawn of City Hall this morning to join his SAVE A LIFE End Homelessness rally.  Council President Wesson was the first to propose a location for a temporary homeless housing facility under Mayor Eric Garcetti’s  A Bridge Home program to build temporary shelters for the homelessness.  Mayor Garcetti proposed $20 million in his budget to build temporary shelters lasting 2-3 years in each of the 15 City Council districts in collaboration with the Councilmembers. The goal was to identify locations where there already homeless encampments and build the temporary shelters there since past experience has proven that homeless people want to stay in their neighborhood and will not go across the city to go to a temporary shelter. These proposed locations would receive additional city services to ensure that the area is clean and does not result in creating an even bigger encampment.

Mayor Garcetti and Council President Wesson were joined by Councilmembers Paul Krekorian, Marqueece Harris-Dawson, Mike Bonin, Bob Blumenfield and Gil Cedillo as well as by representatives from United Way’s #EveryoneIn campaign and #SHEDOES movement. Councilmember and Chair of the Budget & Finance Committee Paul Krekorian announced that they had added an additional $10 million for the A Bridge Home program in the budget proposal going to City Council today for approval. He emphasized that this was a Citywide problem, and that Angelenos want a solution.
Learn the facts about these shelters & send a letter of support
Call outs were made to support efforts citywide to build these temporary shelter locations as local protests were likely once locations were named, as is the case of the Koreatown location identified by Council President Wesson. Unfortunately, a lot of misinformation has been spread about the temporary shelter so you can learn more about the myths and facts and sign a letter of support for the first proposed shelter location by clicking here.
The Neighborhood Council Homelessness Liaisons will be meeting on Tuesday, May 29, 2018, to continue their work on addressing homelessness one Neighborhood Council at a time.
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