The Office of the City Clerk has selected the following Neighborhood Councils for the 2019 online election pilot program:

Downtown LA
EC Southwest
Lake Balboa
Mar Vista
Mid-City West
North Westwood
West Adams
Woodland Hills-Warner Center


Over the next couple of months, the City Clerk will be working with the online election vendor, Everyone Counts, Inc. on developing a new voter registration and voting system.  The Clerk has created another region for this pilot which will have the election date of Thursday, June 20, 2019.  The Candidate Filing Period for this pilot will begin on Thursday, March 7, 2019 and end on Monday, April 8,  2019.  Voters will be able to vote online prior to the election day, but can only cast paper ballots at the polls.  Neighborhood Councils in the pilot will not have to pay to be in the pilot.  The City Clerk reserves the right to cancel the pilot if the new voting system does not meet the standards of the City Clerk and vendor.  If that were to occur, the Neighborhood Councils in this region would maintain the June 20, 2019 election date without online voting.