Low income and homeless Angelenos can now get heavily discounted ridership rates by enrolling in programs offered by electric vehicle-sharing companies Bird and Lime. 


Anyone who is currently enrolled in or eligible for a state or federal assistance program is able to participate in Bird’s “Bird Access” program, in order to use the company’s electric scooters at a reduced rate mirziamov.ru. Bird Access is only $5 a month for unlimited 30-minute rides.


To sign up for Bird Access, email your full name; phone number; and proof of enrollment in a state or federal assistance program such as (but not limited to) CalFresh, Medicaid, SNAP, or a discounted utility bill to One@Bird.co. Approval takes about 2-3 business days. 


Learn more about Bird’s Bird Access program here.


Meanwhile, anyone who demonstrates eligibility or enrollment in a local, state, or federally-funded assistance program may enroll in Lime’s “Lime Access” program, which offers discounted rates on their electric scooters, pedal bikes, and electric-assist bikes. Prices vary by market but reduced rates on Lime’s electric scooters and bikes are about 50 cents to unlock and 7 cents per minute (a 50% discount) and their pedal bikes are just 5 cents per 30 minutes (a discount of over 95%.) 


To qualify, go to https://v1.li.me/community-impact and click the APPLY NOW button at the bottom of that page to submit your full name, phone number, valid government-issued ID, and proof of low income status (such as your EBT card, discounted utility bill, or any other document from a state or federally-run assistance program.)