EmpowerLA partnered with educational tech app Agents of Discovery to launch SoCal Explorer 2.0 – a mobile game that helps kids learn about Los Angeles history and how the City works while they have fun. Users undertake Missions that help them explore and learn about cultural landmarks or local parks, and earn badges as they complete the challenges associated with each Mission. Similar to Scout Merit Badges, the badges are high-quality embroidered patches that can be sewn or glued onto a jacket or shirt, and are handed out by staff at each location to those who complete successful Missions.

Many thanks to the students from Alexandria Elementary School and City Councilmember Bob Blumenfield for joining us and the Agents of Discovery team this past Wednesday at City Hall for the official launch event! The students and the Councilmember were among the first to play this new LA-based version of Agents of Discovery. Those who completed their City Hall Mission successfully received one of the lovely Mountain Lion badges shown here.

If you’d like to win a badge of your own, download the free Agents of Discovery app on Google Play or on the Apple App Store; select the City Hall Mission; and complete it during weekday office hours to receive your badge from our office on the 20th floor!