Since 2006, the City of Los Angeles’ Department of Aging (LADOA) in partnership with City employees, the Los Angeles Foundation on Aging, and the Los Angeles Police Department Detective Bureau collaborate to provide low-income older adults a holiday gift bag during the winter holidays.  All other adults enrolled in various senior center programs are eligible to be part of Project CARE.  Annually, the LADOA prioritizes those who are homebound, disabled, and isolated.  Project CARE has grown and evolved throughout the years, but some things remain constant.  It is a program that relies on your generosity and collectively validates that we care about older adults.  Sponsor or donate to this great program!  It is a truly rewarding experience. We are looking forward to hearing from you.  To visit their website, please click here:

Now, for the 1st time ever, Neighborhood Councils are included in this program.  Just like city employees, a Neighborhood Council board member can give to the program using their personal funds and help someone in need.  Approximately 1,500 older adults were helped last year by city staff, which is almost the amount of Neighborhood Council board members in the city.  This is a wonderful way to help someone in need.  There is no requirement to give.  For those that do give, thanks in advance for your generosity.

Please visit the website for specific details. The Deadline is December 3, 2018.

How to Support Project CARE

For questions regarding Project CARE, please contact:

Elizabeth Franco
(213) 202-5639 or (213) 808-2366