If you have a diverse group working your polls, you’ll naturally draw a more diverse pool of voters on Election Day, as your volunteers are sure to talk to their friends, family, and community about their upcoming participation in a Neighborhood Council election.

What kind of people do you need and where do you find them?

  • The multilingual: Make sure you have volunteers staffing your polls on Election Day who speak the languages common in your area. To find them, ask for help from local cultural groups, churches, or similar organizations.
  • The computer savvy: If your Neighborhood  Council has Online Elections this year, make sure to recruit people who feel comfortable using computers, as councils with Online Voting also have online registration at the polls on Election Day.
  • The youth: Local students also make excellent volunteers. You could ask student government advisors if their budding politicians might be interested, or you could approach Civics class instructors to see if they might be willing to give students extra credit for their volunteer work.

How do volunteers sign up?

All election volunteers can sign up via this form.

Want to learn more? This illustrated brochure explains what poll workers do.