Resolving homelessness in LA is something that everyone can be part of. But how can you make a difference in a way that creates the greatest impact? Here are some suggestions on how to get help for homeless neighbors, and on how to get the most mileage out of your donations and volunteer efforts. 


Make Your Efforts Count

Mayor Eric Garcetti created this short video outlining how to make sure that your donations of funding, food, and clothing are effective and delivered to those who need help the most. The video also discusses how to find volunteer opportunities to assist homeless individuals and families across the City. Watch the Mayor’s video now.


Find Help for Homeless Neighbors via LA-HOP

The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority’s LA Homeless Outreach Portal (LA-HOP) is a one-stop-shop to make a report about a homeless neighbor who needs help. It only takes a few minutes to connect someone with professional services, by filling out a short form giving the address or intersection where the people who need in help are located and a short description of them. You do not need to personally know the people you are asking LAHSA to assist, in order to ask for help on their behalf. Visit to learn more or make a request.