Mayor Garcetti has been giving regular updates on LA’s progress resolving homelessness (view all current and future updates here: His homelessness progress report on December 4th gave updates on several topics, including Section 8 vouchers for families of LAUSD students facing homelessness; storage for the belongings of Skid Row residents; the opening of winter shelters; keeping encampment areas clean; and the Safe Parking LA program.


About Safe Parking LA and how to apply

The Safe Parking LA Program helps provide a secure and legal space for those living in their vehicles to spend the night. All locations include restroom facilities and security guards. You must apply for a space to participate in the Safe Parking LA Program, either online or by phone or text message:

Application inquiries will be answered within 3 business days.


How to look up where vehicle dwelling is allowed or prohibited in the City of Los Angeles

You can also use ZIMAS – the City of Los Angeles’ zoning information system – to identify areas of Los Angeles where vehicle dwelling is permitted or restricted. Please note that this tool is completely unrelated to the Safe Parking LA Program outlined above. Areas where the ZIMAS tool indicates that vehicle dwelling is permitted will not have the security and services that an official Safe Parking LA location does, so whenever possible, please consider applying for space with the Safe Parking LA Program on

However, applying for the Safe Parking LA Program can take time to be accepted and granted a space, so in the meanwhile, here is a step-by-step guide to looking up vehicle dwelling permissions via ZIMAS: