Do you have feedback and insights to share regarding the delivery of City services in your community? LA’s annual Budget Day – happening Saturday June 23rd at City Hall – is your opportunity to share your thoughts on how City services unfold in your area, and advocate for the services your community needs most.


What happens at Budget Day? 

After breakfast is served in the City Hall Rotunda, the day kicks off with an opening session featuring presentations by leading City officials. Confirmed guests so far are City Councilmember Paul Krekorian, Controller Ron Galperin, and Chair of the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners, Joy Atkinson.

Afterwards, Budget Representatives adjourn to regional breakout sessions, to discuss how City funds can best be distributed to ensure the swift and smooth delivery of City services in each region of Los Angeles. Breakfast begins at 7:30 AM, and opening session starts at 8:30 AM.


NCs: choose your Budget Day Representatives now

Though everyone is welcome to attend Budget Day, it’s a good idea for every Neighborhood Council to agendize choosing two Budget Representatives to officially represent their Council at the event. Budget Representatives may either be board members or stakeholders. As part of the regional workshops at Budget Day, the Budget Representatives will elect three Budget Advocates per region.  There are 12 regions in the city, which makes a total of 36 Budget Advocates; all Budget Representatives are invited to run for Budget Advocate positions.  The newly elected Budget Advocates will hold their first meeting that afternoon, after being selected. Once your Council selects Budget Representatives, please submit your Representative names to and


What do the Budget Advocates do?

The Budget Advocates advise the Mayor and City Council on the City’s Budget following meetings with City Departments and other relevant bodies.  They also hold various activities during the year to help increase awareness about how the City Budget works and how stakeholders can become involved in helping shape the future of our City.

The infographic below gives an overview of what both the Budget Advocates and Budget Representatives do. If you have questions about Budget Day or the NC Budget Advocates, please visit or write to We’ll see you at City Hall on June 23rd!