This is part 2 of a special episode of the podcast where we interviewed a dozen people to discuss a number of topics ranging from innovation in Neighborhood Councils, to homelessness and youth engagement. The interviews were recorded on-the-spot at the EmpowerLA Awards in the City Hall Rotunda. We hope you enjoy what this diverse group of guests had to say.

A special thank you to everyone who took the time to do an interview. We hope you enjoyed the experience! Please share this podcast and be sure to leave a review so we can thank you personally. As always, you can learn more about the neighborhood council system, including all the winners at the EmpowerLA Awards, by visiting

Note: This episode is part one in a series of episodes from our EmpowerLA Awards interviews. The first two parts are complete interviews of the guests, while future episodes will focus on specific topics. We will update this once those are available. Thank you for your patience!





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