Thanks to Eric Sondheimer of the LA Times for this great article about Historic Cultural North NC Youth Rep – and Junior Olympics fencing champion – Bryce Louie!

Bryce is actually one of many inspiring youth currently serving on Neighborhood Council boards and committees across the City. That’s because one innovative aspect of LA’s Neighborhood Council system is that it’s far more open to youth participation than other government systems are.

Many Neighborhood Councils allow those under 18 to vote or run for office – some currently even allow candidates or voters as young as 12 to participate! Voting age currently varies between Councils, which are deliberately diverse in order to more accurately reflect the differences between LA’s communities.

While the City Council’s Neighborhood Council reform proposal that’s currently in the works suggests creating a universal voting age for all Neighborhood Councils citywide, the proposed universal voting age would be 16, to ensure that youth participation remains a standard feature of the system.