So, what is the NextGen Bus Study?

Metro is designing a modern, more useful bus network. It’s time for a better bus system that fits your lifestyle, integrates with all the ways you travel throughout LA County, and gets you where you need and want to go, with flexibility for the future.

The objective of the bus study is to:

  • Understand transit market demand in LA County
  • Study the agency’s current bus system and how well it serves current and potential customers
  • Recommend how best to reimagine the system to be more relevant to what people need today

Why are we doing this?

Our current bus network carries over 70% of Metro’s customers but hasn’t had a significant update in 25 years. Since then, LA County has grown and evolved dramatically, and so has transportation. We’ve added over a million residents, many local communities have transformed, there are more places to go and travel patterns have changed. The study will design a bus system that improves service and connections throughout LA County.

To learn more, visit the Metro NextGen Busy Study webpage here!

Or take the survey here!