Introduction to the EmpowerLA Virtual Governance Plan

The Los Angeles Neighborhood Council System was the first to begin bridging the distance between communities and City Hall. In moving toward holding virtual meetings, LA’s Neighborhood Councils (NCs) continue to set new standards for equitable, accessible governance. 

The EmpowerLA Virtual Governance (EVG) system supports and provides an opportunity for NCs to govern in a uniform and structured virtual environment. Virtual governance is about more than simply using teleconferencing technology. It is about creating a consistent, equitable system using a set of customized supporting protocols for holding public Neighborhood Council meetings. The EVG’s Neighborhood Council protocols conform to all local, state, and federal laws that apply to traditional public meetings. Read more about the EVG system and its development guidelines in the EmpowerLA Virtual Governance Plan

The EVG system was developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which prohibited all private and public gatherings, temporarily suspending Neighborhood Council activities from taking place. The development of the EVG system allowed NCs to resume their meetings, while still adhering to all local, state, and federal laws. Read our interactive Storymap to see how quickly the NC system was able to adapt to this new form of governance.

On this page, are the tools, tutorials, reference guides and other resources to assist Neighborhood Councils (NCs) with running virtual public NC meetings.

EmpowerLA Virtual Governance (EVG) Protocols

The EmpowerLA Neighborhood Council Virtual Governance Protocols (EVG Protocols), provides guidance for Neighborhood Councils to hold public meetings, in a virtual setting while adhering to the State of California, County of Los Angeles, and the City of Los Angeles decrees during the COVID-19 pandemic. This procedural guide was adapted from the procedures developed by the City’s Information Technology Agency (ITA), and follow the same procedures applied to City Council, Commission, and Committees meetings.

The City of Los Angeles and the Neighborhood Council System strive to have open, transparent and participatory meetings during this time, while still ensuring that members of the public, Neighborhood Council Board Members and City staff are kept safe and healthy. The City also strives to ensure equitable access for those who may not have ready access to online tools or who are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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EmpowerLA Virtual Governance Webinars & Trainings

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our live Virtual Governance sessions! 

EVG Phase I – Robert’s Rules Made Simple (Parliamentary Procedures): access video of this webinar via the Robert’s Rules portal further down on this webpage. 

EVG Phase II – Running Virtual Meetings: watch the video below.

EVG Phase III – Empower the Chair to Empower the Board: watch the video below.

Parliamentary procedure & virtual meetings:
“Robert’s Rules Made Simple” (Phase I)

The portal linked below takes you to a complete Robert’s Rules of Order education course especially designed for Neighborhood Councils by professional parliamentarians. The basics of Robert’s Rules of Order are covered here, and the material includes guidance on how to utilize parliamentary procedure in a virtual meeting setting. Resources available there include a video from the “EVG Phase I: Robert’s Rules Made Simple” webinars.

You must be a current NC board member to access this portal, and you must create a login first – click the button below.


When setting up your account, your username is your official public email address as a board member. You will be able to set your own password during setup. 

Already have a login? Visit the Robert’s Rules Made Simple portal via the button below:


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Have questions about the EVG?

Your Neighborhood Empowerment Advocate (NEA) is your Neighborhood Council’s connection to the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment. If you’re a Neighborhood Council member and need help with your EVG questions, please contact your NEA for assistance. 

To find yours, select your NC’s name from the list at to open your NC’s EmpowerLA webpage. Your NEA’s name is listed under “Field Rep” on the right side of that page.